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    Movie News & Miscellany

    I saw Fellowship at opening night. First public showing, starting at midnight. After it had ended I went over to my workplace which was way nearer than home, started up the computer and told some friends my first impressions per mail right away. Afterwards I went to the first aid room, dropped...
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    Out of curiosity and for my own preparation: how many days are stacked up on your server for the Draugr attacks to come?
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    [Webcomic] PVP Discussion

    That's actually a real possibility. How often do I visit his site? Not even every time it gets mentioned in this thread.
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    [Brazelton] Christopher Plummer dead at 91

    I've never seen Sound of Music. Of course he was a great Klingon! He also gave us a great Duke of Wellington in Waterloo.
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    [Brazelton] Hal Holbrook

    My first picture when the name comes up is Abe Lincoln in North and South. RIP!
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    [Thread Game] What would you swear on?

    The Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection box. Just as thicc as Biden's bible but with more substance.
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    [News] US Capitol Siege 6 January 2021

    Oh dear, my migraine's coming back. That sounds a lot like our idiots over here; Deutschland GmbH ('Germany Ltd.'). Morons everywhere!
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    [Other] The not so funny pic thread (some NSFL or gore)

    I've got this, it's a sailboat!
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    Christmas Pictures 2020

    Our evening. The tree The feast The movie The Gruber has dropped, it's officially christmas!
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    The Disney Thread: For Everything Concerning the House of Mouse

    No reason why Ahsoka cannot show up within the Bad Batch series. And another role has already been confirmed.
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    [Food] Eggnog 2020 - Just a nog in the machine

    You have your nog, but in germany we say Eierlikör and I think that's beautiful! ;)
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    [Brazelton] Tommy "Tiny" Lister

    He'll always be Mr Rocco to me, the 'new nurse' to Don Juan de Marco, who ends up dancing Flamenco and moving to Seville, Spain. Says a lot when such a small role stays in mind. RIP good guy.
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    [Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2020 - WHAM HARDER

    Also, I'm out since December 1st, kinda asked for it. Working from home with the easy listening oldie station in the background. Still love this song. :)
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    [Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2020 - WHAM HARDER

    But was it the original song? Because the rules say " Only the original version applies. Enjoy the #!€#%!€%€& out of remixes and covers." That cover was the first clip I found of PMJ, stayed with them ever since.
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    Movie News & Miscellany

    RIP good sir. I always loved him as Lord Vile in Blood of Heroes, such a presence in that small role.