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    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    We encountered something like this driving through Waco the other day. “Keep left onto 77”, there was only one lane veering to the right at the point we were supposed to “keep left.” I just drove and said for it to straighten its act up.
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    [Rant] Minor Rant III: For a Few Hollers More

    That’s a typical school counselor, thinking that everyone has all the free time that they do.
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    Rant VIII: The Reckoning

    The police can do that, and we were unfortunately a front row observer, and get the person in for a 72 hour observation and evaluation. Our police have plenty of training with this stuff, and have handled it very well, talking to the guy, getting him to calm down, and getting him secured without...
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    Weird weather

    I’ve heard it many times also, but the last time I remember it being like this was before you lived in Texas. 1983. Had snow on the ground for about a week, sub-freezing temps for almost that whole time. I take most weather people with a grain of salt, when it’s a bad storm they want to try to...
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    Zappit's Kidney Thread Part 2: Da Relapse

    My wife basically crashed the day her steroids wore off each week. She usually had her infusions on Thursday, worked Friday and on Friday evening her steroids would start wearing off and she’d be crashed all day Saturday and be back at it on Monday.
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    Weird weather

    It happens every 30-40 years. Many places are nearing record lows that were set 90 years ago. I’ve read a few articles that mention that Galveston Bay froze back in 1893.
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    Weird weather

    Just for info, you can buy power from a variety of companies in Texas, but there is only one company that does power delivery, ONCOR. The grid in Texas is near capacity (around 95% last I checked) and is having failures ina areas. I’ve seen some areas it’s from downed lines, others from...
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    New Picture Thread

    I’ve seen reports that they’re just doing repair work currently, grid is having some serious issues due to demand.
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    Weird weather

    He’s the guardian for the front of the house. He laughs at the snow and throws stuff at dogs that try to pee on him.
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    [Movies] Talk about the last movie you saw 2: Electric Threadaloo

    I saw Star Wars in the summer of 1977 in a drive in theater. I didn’t see it in a indoor theater until 1999 with the release of the special editions.
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    New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

    Our Husky is really pretty quiet, she’s more about whacking you with her paw to get attention. It’s not a small paw. She’s currently sitting in the backyard and licking the snow.
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    New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

    Oh lord the amount of hair that thing will produce as an adult. :Leyla:
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    Whats for Dinner?

    Thank you, and please no “after” images either.
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    Weird weather

    The oddness that is Texas snow.
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    New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

    Nah, the dog is just “Don’t show this to my friends, they’re anti-cat.”