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  1. CrimsonSoul

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    I plan on getting a Monport fiber laser with myh tax return. but I do love the name laserpecker lol
  2. CrimsonSoul

    *sighs, turns over "DAYS SINCE LAST MASS SHOOTING IN AMERICA" sign to 0*

    The other day someone with a toddler in tow shot up the Joel Osteen mega church in Houston. The person doing the shooting died, the kid in tow got hit and is in the hospital
  3. CrimsonSoul

    New Picture Thread

    Didn't even realize the deep blue sky. Is this any better? All I did was change the deep blue in the sky
  4. CrimsonSoul

    New Picture Thread

    Yeah out at Galveston a year or two ago
  5. CrimsonSoul

    New Picture Thread

    Ok guys. I'm no professional editor but this is a pic I edited of my wife. Just let me know what you think with any critiques. I'll post original with it
  6. CrimsonSoul

    Things I hate

    When the streaming services, lock your show, behind a big ol' paywall, that's a piracy (to be sung as "when the light hits your eye")
  7. CrimsonSoul

    Oculus Quest 2

    Bought a quest 3. I like the passthrough, it's really nice on the games that support it, and I bought a game called painting VR (I can't paint btw) mainly for my kid, It does support passthrough so I have my canvas and stuff that I can see, but I'm also in my house and I can see all my kids so I...
  8. CrimsonSoul

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    So I had to pull a writing pen out of a crazy patients asshole the other day. When asked why, they said they wanted to have everything with them in case they needed it.
  9. CrimsonSoul

    [Rant] Minor Rant III: For a Few Hollers More

    Cat did the world a favor.
  10. CrimsonSoul

    The EPIC WIN Thread 3: SON OF EPIC

    Bittersweet. My first kid moved out to college today (only an hour away but he's living there) got all his stuff moved into his dorm
  11. CrimsonSoul

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    I never even check text messages, only facebook messenger lol
  12. CrimsonSoul

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    Texas Roadhouse needs to fucking chill! I got this text today
  13. CrimsonSoul

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    The Talented Penis Fly Trap..... I don't like this game.
  14. CrimsonSoul

    [Brazelton] Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman)

    Died at 70 after bout with cancer
  15. CrimsonSoul

    My BBS

    You would have to re-register, I was on Windows using synchronet, Now I'm on a linux box using a completely different program (Enigma 1/2) that's much more flexible and easy to customize and add/remove things. I have two themes currently the Enigma theme (that comes with the program) and the...
  16. CrimsonSoul

    My BBS

    Honestly.. I dunno, if it can use Telnet it should be able to 1690123682 Just use SyncTERM (yes, yes I know you're making a joke about slow internet lol)
  17. CrimsonSoul

    My BBS

    I just got MajorMUD installed for all you old times (DoorMUD is also installed)
  18. CrimsonSoul

    My BBS

    Finally set up my BBS the way I want it to with custom made ANSI graphics, and have the new user application set where you don't need to fill out crap you don't need. Go me! if anyone wants to check it out you can at (or look in my signature for telnet and ssh ports)...
  19. CrimsonSoul

    [Brazelton] Tina Turner at 83

    Hey Step-son is locked up at the county jail I work at