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  1. evilmike


    Awesome! Is the weather going to play nice for a while now? Or is it all nice until it gets cold again (which, I must admit, I have no idea when that would happen.)
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    The Tech Random Crap Thread

    That's why I was checking DPReview's forums. Also, looks like Irfanview, a program I have used for years, will also generate contact sheets.
  3. evilmike

    The Tech Random Crap Thread

    Does it need to be Excel? It sounds like you need a program that generates contact sheets. I found one mentioned on DPReview called FastStone that might work.
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    Thanks! That reminds me. My ride on Easter: (103.9km) The unusual bit for this ride was that almost half of the ride (27 miles / 43 km) was off-road.
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    [Crafting] Dirona's projects

  6. evilmike

    Rant VIII: The Reckoning

    That's rotten. Is work going to help you out with this?
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    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    I'm surprised they didn't mention all of the tile.
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    New Picture Thread

    You are, after all, the Queen of Tapas.
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    [TV] The What Animation Are You Watching Thread 2!: The Sequel!

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    The random pictures of evilmike

    Pictures from my trip to the botanical gardens last weekend. It might be cheating slightly to take Spring-like pictures at a Botanical Gardens, but I'm happy with the results. Lucked into a bug in the second picture, which is a bonus.
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    Laser Cutting Fun

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    Gas Bandit's DeepFake Abyss

    I could make it worse if anyone is interested.
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    [Movies] The Upcoming Movies Trailer Thread

    I like Nando's take on it.
  14. evilmike

    [Movies] The Upcoming Movies Trailer Thread

    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice
  15. evilmike

    Weird weather

    Dear Microsoft, I appreciate that windows wants to warn me of a nearby weather alert, bit given that I am working in the lab on my desktop computer, knowing that there is a small craft advisory is not particularly helpful. That goes double for a rip tide warning.