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    Co-parenting with my ex.

    Reconnecting with your daughter after a period of alienation can be challenging, but your dedication and thoughtful approach are critical. Also regular, consistent visits help establish stability. Even if it's just virtual contact during the week, it reinforces your role in her life.
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    [Other] Do we even deserve a general mental health thread?

    It's incredibly brave to open up about such deeply personal struggles, and it's a step in the right direction towards finding support and healing. Your idea of having a dedicated thread for mental health issues is excellent.
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    We get it, you vape (vaping questions)

    eat an apple guys
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    Former President and Convicted Felon Trump Thread

    Guys, do you believe he'll be put in jail? I'm 100% sure he'll appeal the conviction on the basis of the judge's errors, as shown on this law firm's page. Anyway, if he gets re-elected, he'll pardon himself.
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    Dating the Best Friend

    Honest communication, patience, and mutual respect are key in navigating this delicate situation.
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    [Brazelton] Twitter

    I don't understant how Twitter is working anymore
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    Whats for Dinner?

    every time I ask this they say potatoes
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    Funny videos

    Sometimes I hate watching this type of videos because I realize how stupid the world is.
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello to everyone! I'm new here and I hope Iwould like to be here.