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  1. Yoshimickster

    Podcasts PUHOY!

    Where we TALK about Podcasts we like, because I haven't seen a Podcast threat on here SO fuck it! I just finished almost ALL of "The Adventure Zone", and am currently going through "Welcome to Night Vale", both of which I LOVE!
  2. Yoshimickster

    [Brazelton] Russi Taylor (75)

    Minnie Mouse, Huey Dewy Louie and Webby, and a crap ton of Simpsons characters. May she rest in peace.
  3. Yoshimickster

    [Brazelton] Stephen Hillenburg

    Died at 57 due to ALS...FUCK!
  4. Yoshimickster

    [Brazelton] Haruo Nakajima(Original Godzilla Suit Actor)

    Saw him at Monster Mania a few years back, damn damn shame. All the classic godzilla movements? ALL him, all they told him to do was to "walk like a mysterious creature".
  5. Yoshimickster

    [Brazelton] Joey Boots (49)

    ...I fucking hate this year. I may not have met him in person, but I've talked to him on twitter and he was really nice. Saying a few words on a podcast about him later tonight.
  6. Yoshimickster

    [Thread Game] The hardest thing to avoid-

    Where we try to top ourselves with things we can't seem to avoid! A Teen Titans video, without a comment section that isn't complaining about Teen Titans Go!
  7. Yoshimickster

    [Comics] The "Let's Bitch about Comics thread!"

    Where we rant about the idiocy that comes with modern comics! FOR INSTANCE-Superman is so bad they had to bring in a version from an alternate universe to pick up the slack....and then replace him with a new guy. JUST WRITE HIM BETTER YOU MOOKS!
  8. Yoshimickster

    [Question] How should I self-publish my comic?

    After talking to several fans at conventions, I plan on doing on publishing the first issue of Dark One Chronicles. The problem...I am not sure how do it. Amazon, Indiegogo, Kablam, I do NOT know what to do here. Help is appreciated.
  9. Yoshimickster

    [Question] If you were an animal...

    ...which one would you be? I would like to either be a wild rabbit, or a wolf. Both have awesome senses, and are great at running, good combo.
  10. Yoshimickster

    [Question] Headphones or Speakers

    I go for headphones, I absorb the sound better that way.
  11. Yoshimickster

    [TV] Ready your refresh buttons, Homestar Runner dot com is back(hopefully for long)!

    The latest was two days ago with a Halloween safety vid, which advertised a Halloween short coming soon. One hopes that this and the rap song they did earlier this year, will lead to new Sbemails but time will tell.
  12. Yoshimickster

    Habits MK II

    Counting my teeth. I do not know why I do it, I just do it. I also move my fingernails against each other to make sounds, it soothes me. Edit: ALSO- jumping around, so much so that I destroy socks easily.
  13. Yoshimickster

    What is the worst part of your favorite shows?

    The Office: How Andy just TRANSFORMED into Michael Scott. Felt like a major derailment.
  14. Yoshimickster

    [Question] Five superpowers- GO!

    Flame projection Personal gravity control Phasing Able to eat all matter Future-sight Flames as an offensive, gravity control and phasing as evasive maneuvers- OR make myselve heavier for a blunt force attack(I stress that or as I'm pretty sure I'd be slow as fuck), matter eating because I've...
  15. Yoshimickster

    [TV] Doraleous and Associates!

    ITS BACK BITCHES! Neudonia forever!
  16. Yoshimickster

    [Question] CANDY!

    Whats your favorite type of candy, chocalote, or sweet? Mine are a toss up between those cream filled ones with the brown outside, and butterscotch hard candies. I love smooth flavors, nice and easy. I also like a good hot candy now and then, so most hot candies made today are soft ball.
  17. Yoshimickster

    [Webcomic] The "What the hell has happened to Sinfest" thread!

    I'm making this thread so I don't waste posts on the webcomic appreciation thread, which is supposed to be about good web comics. SO- in the recent comics the violent fembot tried killing the independent fembot and in so they both tumble into the famous "Reality zone". Now the reality zone is...
  18. Yoshimickster

    [Other] Slang!

    Where we discuss slang both current and past What happened to bodacious? I love that word, yet it has practically disappeared from modern lingo. No offense to current slang weilders, but I feel bodacious died too soon.
  19. Yoshimickster


    Where we talk about bread! Now I like white bread for meat and cheese, but not for peanut butter and jelly, how bout yall?
  20. Yoshimickster

    [TV] New Hannibal show

    Yup...they are making a Hannibal reboot. I am not confident. Your thoughts?