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    [Brazelton] Neil Peart
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    [Other] Checkeredhat's accountability thread

    Last year my wife and I made the switch to a (mostly) vegan diet. We let ourselves eat meat at Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc but did not even have butter or honey at home. Between eating healthy and exercising regularly, we were doing really well. I was not quite the skinniest I've ever been...
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    [NHL] 2018-2019 Season: The Rise of Gritty

    Pre season has officially begun so I think it's time for a new thread. A quick summary to get us started: Karlsson is a Shark, Tavares is a Leaf, Yzerman is mysteriously stepping down, the Caps apparently broke the cup doing keg stands, and Ottawa is in the dumpster, which is on fire and...
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    Been awhile...

    Hey guys. It's been a while. Not sure why, honestly. Guess things just got too busy for me. Dave contacted me out of the blue yesterday and reminded me this place existed. This has been an especially busy year for me. Got married in February. Bought a house in March, moved in in June, and had...
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    [Comics] Recommend me some Batman

    Never really got into Batman growing up, just read Year One and the Killing Joke last year. Playing Batman: Arkham City on my PS3 right now and getting way into it. I also see that Batman: The Animated Series was recently added to Canadian Netflix, so I'm going to delve into that soon (Rarely...
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    [Movies] Criterion is having a 50% off sale

    Criterion is having a 50% off sale on all DVD and Blu Rays. Just thought everyone should know:
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    HTML help??

    First off, not sure if this should be in Tech Talk. Took a look around there and it seems to be more about hardware issues. I'm working on a site for the group film I worked on in third year of college. This is a site we planned on making then, but the person we had coding it was also working...
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    [Question] Bee stings

    We have a yellowjacket problem at work. It's been warm enough the last few days that they started waking up, and the breakroom has been filled with them. The HR guy saw me swatting them out of the air with a sweater and stepping on them (I managed to kill 5 this way), because two of the girls...
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    A friend of mine is launching a webcomic soon...

    So, we need some new content on the boards, eh? Well I don't have much going on for myself. I'll keep updating my thread in Artist's Corner, I guess. But my friend Megan (Link to website)has been working full time on her own comic project for almost a year now, doing freelance work for mobile...
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    [Music] Snoop LION, dawg.

    Snoop Dogg is changing his name to Snoop Lion and switching to reggae.
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    Edgar Wright shot some test footage for Ant Man, and apparently it looks awesome.

    This is almost "Un-news" as there is no trailer, it's just test footage, and there is no release date still, but as a huge Edgar Wright fan, I'm excited. Just listen to this
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    Somebody donated some money to my sister's family to help their financial situation. She said she doesn't recognize the name, but says there's been a lot of traffic coming her way from halforums and figures it was someone here. So I just wanted to say thank you. I was going to post this in one...
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    [TV] Futurama

    So season 7 (Or 8 or 9, depending on what system you want to count it with) started tonight.
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    [NHL] Off Season- draft, trades, rumours, withdrawl support

    I thought the LA Kings championship hat at the WTC memorial was too fitting an image to end the 2011-2012 season thread on, but wanted to discuss this: Glad hockey movies are...
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    [Other] Wanna see some cool animation?

    Technically this could probably go in the Awesome Videos Thread. If you guys feel it doesn't warrant it's own thread I won't put up a stink if you decide to move it. I've been out of college for a year now, and someone from the year behind me has now seen to it to put together a vimeo channel...
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    ROLLER COASTERS, Holy crap.

    I didn't even know this was happening, but Canada's Wonderland has apparently been building a new, BIG ASS ROLLER COASTER. The Leviathon starts off with a 93.3m...
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    Edgar Wright continues to innovate stuff Part animated series, part comic book, part videogame, part something else. Edgar Wright and Tommy Lee Edwards are behind this new project, for which there isn't really a word yet. But it's an interesting concept and I look forward to seeing it progress. It's...
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    [News] Good News, Everyone!

    I've come across a few news stories in the past few days that warmed my heart a bit, and thought we should maybe have a thread here for us to share these types of stories, y'know? Especially with how friggin' grumpy the whole forum is lately. So here's a story about a kid in England who was...
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    Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2011

    Well, a good portion of the forum is now hooked on QI, so its about time you guys started watching the other great English panel shows available on Youtube. And Big Fat Quiz of the Year is one such show. 2011 just aired in the UK yesterday, and Youtube has it for our viewing pleasure today...
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    [Rant] Ever *HATE* someone you haven't met?

    You're about to.