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  1. aaronmocksing

    Windows Media Player 12 Low Memory Issue

    Every time I stick in a DVD, Windows Media Player 12 starts up - seems to struggle for a couple seconds, then informs me my memory is low and that I should quit other programs. Weird thing is, I don't run any other programs. Firefox is probably the only thing going on, and turning that off...
  2. aaronmocksing

    Blog Question

    I was thinking about cleaning out the blogs I made, was thinking about deleting maybe most of them if not all of them, lol. At the time I was doing them routinely I was in the middle of making a series but then lost track. As far as I know I don't think there's a way to delete them is there? Or...
  3. aaronmocksing

    Firefox blocking website/parts of it

    I recently got the new Firefox and upon loading the message board, I got this weird message at the top part of the browser. For some reason it's not showing up on this board but while replying to Zappit on another (or any other thread), a little shield props up saying that it's blocking certain...
  4. aaronmocksing

    Aaron's Art Stuff

    I hope it's alright to post some artwork here, I think this was the right board for it, eh heh... ^^; I have two deviantArt accounts - one which continues my webcomic series from DrunkDuck after I left the site (and the only one maintaining the steady schedule) and one for general fan art and...