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    [Other] Halforums Heist

    Session 0: The Yawning Portal Sitting at in the tavern is a welcome respite from the dreary, wet spring evening. You sit around a sturdy wooden table lit by a brightly burning candle and littered with plates cleared of food and half-drained tankards. The sounds of gamblers yelling and drunken...
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    [Question] Play by post D&D 5e on Halforums?

    If we could get a dice roller add-on for the site (@Dave ?), I'd be willing to DM a play by post game here. I'd want 4 to 6 players who would try to post here at least once daily (just once on the weekends is fine). Any interest?
  3. MindDetective

    [Thread Game] Ask MindDetective Anything

    I'm here to show up @Ravenpoe and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum. I've never done an AMA before, so be gentle. Lots of caressing.
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    [Request] Https disabled?

    I'm getting safety warnings coming here on Chrome mobile atm.
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    [Question] My wife and I are heading to Germany and Amsterdam

    Hi all, Mrs. MindDetective and I are heading to Frankfurt, Koblenz, Cologne, and ultimately Amsterdam for a conference. Any tips or European HF members in range of us?
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    [Writing] I wrote a short story for a contest - Looking for a critical reader or two.

    I haven't written a short story in ages but I had one rattling around in my head for months and then a contest popped up on my radar that jived with what I had been daydreaming about. So, I wrote it. My wife has helped me refine it a couple of times but she is no longer a naive reader, so I am...
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    [News] Snopes locked in a legal battle with their webhost is madly trying to crowdfund a legal battle to get its website back from its webhost. I'm finding it difficult to fact check, though. Maybe this has been the long-con for Snopes all along! (Seriously, I suspect I will be contributing to the cause on...
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    [Bug] Clicking on a post doesn't jump to Recent Unread sometimes

    I thought it was user error the first few times it happened but recently it seems that clicking on a thread title (from the New Posts list) lands me on the first post of the thread instead of the most recent unread post. I am not sure how to reproduce it because on the next thread it works...
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    [Other] *Turns on the Bat-Editor spotlight*

    I'm going up for tenure next year and it is super important that I get a new publication on my resume before I put my packet together. My wife and kids left town so I could work on a couple of papers to submit and they are largely done. But I am way too close to them now and I cannot see where...
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    [Announcement] Google tells me it's the GasBandit's birthday.

    If true, :minionhappy::notes:happy birthday!:notes::minionshout: [Funny]??? Not a what I picked!! :mad:
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    What is the worst part of your favorite movies?

    My wife and I were just chuckling about the terrible song over the credits at the end of Princess Bride bringing this topic to mind. I also remember the audience laughing when Luke whines to his aunt and uncle towards the beginning of Star Wars. Any others spring to mind?
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    The littlest MindDetective

    Born today at 7:32 pm pacific time, Westley Vaughn. No weight or pictures yet as mommy is still bonding with him but will post some later. All are well but tired and sore.
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    [Contest] Random internet friends, choose my baby's name

    We are having another boy! The problem is deciding on a name this time is agonizing. We had a girl name all ready to go. Guess we'll hang on to that one. Anyway, there is nothing that adds weight to a decision like the opinions of internet forum folk. Weigh in so we can completely ignore...
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    [Question] Wacom user tips

    I wasn't sure if I should post this in tech talk or artist's corner or here. Mods can move it if they like. So I acquired a Bamboo Wacom tablet for my work in the hopes that I can record myself going through statistical calculations by hand and post the videos online for my class. The issue...
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    [Question] Mouseover Popup

    Is it possible to disable the mouseover popup when I click a thread title. Half the time I end up clicking the popup and not the link and then nothing happens.
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    [Question] Scars

    My 20 month old acquired a half-inch split to his forehead last night (over his right eyebrow), resulting in 3 stitches. My wife has a very personal history with facial scarring and felt like she didn't insist enough on calling the plastic surgeon from the hospital a town over to do a better...
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    [Bug] Most recent unread

    Until a day or two ago, when I clicked on a thread with a new post, it would skip to the newest unread post automatically. It no longer does so very consistently, it seems. I frequently need to click the most recent unread button to jump after it loads to the first post of the thread.
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    Well, time for a new RSS reader...

    Google Reader is officially retiring. Suggestions?
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    Invoking piracy as a replacement for tariffs

    An interesting dispute in trade relations with Antigua and Barbuda that has resulted in "legalized" distribution of American intellectual property. And a link to the news item linked from the blog article...
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    I guess I should have considered unlocking my phone sooner...

    It looks like it is no longer legal to unlock carrier subsidized phones.