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  1. Shegokigo

    Where In the World Was ShegoSandiago?

    Ok so this is going to be very lengthy and I'll try and get all the details straight the first time: (Note this is not a joke thread, I'm not fabricating information for some kind of "persona" I think by now most of the longer lasting members of the forum can tell the difference when I'm being...
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    Best SSD for about $100ish

    Preferably sized 50gb or higher. Need quality and I'm curious what's the major difference between an internal and an external SSD? Is it also as easy to install as just plugging it in like a HDD? I'll be buying this within a week or so. Advice my friends? Side note: Would prefer to buy...
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    [Console] PS3 External HD Help

    Need one for my PS3, advice? Basically I want to load it with movies and play them off the HD on the PS3.
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    [Gaming] Console Joysticks? Assistance?

    Alright, here's the jist. My brother's been on my case to play online fighting games with him for over a year. I visited him and played some Mortal Kombat: Complete Kollection, Mortal Kombat 9 and UMvC3. Sure enough, the bug bit me and it bit me hard. Problem is, I haven't owned a console...
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    [PC Game] Skyrim... the epilogue.... *Spoilers for main game*

    So may 1h Sword, Shield, Heavy Armor, Smithing, Enchanting, Blocking, Conjuring, Alteration, demi-goddess has now: Taken leadership of the Companions and ridded them of their curse, save myself and my wife Aela. Taken leadership of the Mage's College and shut down the rifts caused by the Eye...
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    Weekend in Austin

    Friday Night Saturday Night Sunday Afternoon Tell me Austin-ites or other Austin visitors, where shall I go? What shall I do? Where should I eat? Where should I drink? What should I see? If I don't get to do it this weekend, I'm going to do the exact same Fri-Sun visit next weekend too.
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    Skyrim Mods version 2.0

    Alright, going to try hitting Skyrim up. Mods have been out for a while, some have gotten better, some have been abandonded. So what's good these days? Best graphics mod? Best water mod? Best other mods? Best skin mods? Best magic mods? Personally I don't like game affecting overpowering...
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    I'm Curious. Anonymous Presidential Vote.

    Simple, anonymous. I pretty much already know what the results are but here we go anyway. Edit: Why can't I edit this poll to add/change the options after I've posted it?
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    [Rant] So I'm Thinking of Moving.....

    to Austin, TX. Reason#1 - I'm so tired of this backwater, pathetic excuse for a city/area. I'm right on the border and so tired of dealing day in and day out with my majority customer being rich assholes from Mexico. Sure I make insane money off them but there's a line where I can only take so...
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    [PC Game] ME1 - Retrieving a Character's Face Sliders?

    So I want to go back through ME1 and remind myself how the game goes. Unfortunately my "finished" game save is nowhere to be found. There are a few saves of my previous game here and there (a few hours before the end) but I'm also curious about trying a different class. So here's my problem...
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    Stuff You Really Shouldn't Like... But Do.

    Not quite a "guilty pleasures" thread as much as a "unexplainable enjoyment". EX: Everyone knows I love bad movies (Uwe Boll films etc) but my reason for it is that they're so bad they're hilarious. That's a guilty pleasure. My unexplainable enjoyment would be my love for: "Your Highness"...
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    [PC Game] Star Wars: The Old Republic Does....

    What WoW won't. Make it to lvl 50 with a character/race combo and now you can use that race as any class. Yes, you can have a pure blood Sith, as a Jedi on Republic side. That's the equivilent of getting a lvl 85 Orc Shaman on WoW and being able...
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    [Rant] The Relationship Rant Thread. Vol 1.

    (Figured with all the rant threads we have, sometimes a relationship quandry doesn't exactly fit into Victory/Win/Whine/Rant and just kind of fits them all? We'll see how this goes) So I got back to back nights with Nurse Cutie but I'm starting to feel like a creeper. Monday night was pretty...
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    [PC Game] SW:TOR Questions

    So I finally got the game and have been reading over the classes and figuring out what my line of "work" is going to be and I'm stuck: Jedi Guardian or Jedi Shadow First of all, why Empire? Because I like playing on the side that's lesser populated. Sith has pretty much become the "Sephiroth"...
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    It Will Be Mine... Oh yes... Insanely affordable too, all things considered.... (Thread is for posting awesome stuff that's actually for sale)
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    Character Generation of the Future... we hope.

    Eve Online has finally created the near perfect char generator. With enough tweaking you can pretty much, to near perfection, recreate yourself or anyone with this tool. I would love to see this depth of char creation in alot more RPGs. I'd have loved to have the Dovahkiin look exactly like me...
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    Resident Evil 0-3 in HD?

    They done this yet? Any HD Collections? Only one I could find was the Chronicles set.
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    Pokemon? /facepalm and sigh

    Ok first of all, don't ask why I'm asking. I don't even want to get into it. However here's the question: If someone wanted to really play "all" the Pokemon games where would they start? Searching the Wiki there was Red/Green/Yellow for first gen but then later a Fire Red/Leaf Green remake...
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    State of the Union 2012