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  1. Just Me

    Movie News & Miscellany

    I saw Fellowship at opening night. First public showing, starting at midnight. After it had ended I went over to my workplace which was way nearer than home, started up the computer and told some friends my first impressions per mail right away. Afterwards I went to the first aid room, dropped...
  2. Just Me


    Out of curiosity and for my own preparation: how many days are stacked up on your server for the Draugr attacks to come?
  3. Just Me

    [Webcomic] PVP Discussion

    That's actually a real possibility. How often do I visit his site? Not even every time it gets mentioned in this thread.
  4. Just Me

    [Brazelton] Christopher Plummer dead at 91

    I've never seen Sound of Music. Of course he was a great Klingon! He also gave us a great Duke of Wellington in Waterloo.
  5. Just Me

    [Brazelton] Hal Holbrook

    My first picture when the name comes up is Abe Lincoln in North and South. RIP!
  6. Just Me

    [Thread Game] What would you swear on?

    The Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection box. Just as thicc as Biden's bible but with more substance.
  7. Just Me

    [News] US Capitol Siege 6 January 2021

    Oh dear, my migraine's coming back. That sounds a lot like our idiots over here; Deutschland GmbH ('Germany Ltd.'). Morons everywhere!
  8. Just Me

    [Other] The not so funny pic thread (some NSFL or gore)

    I've got this, it's a sailboat!
  9. Just Me

    Christmas Pictures 2020

    Our evening. The tree The feast The movie The Gruber has dropped, it's officially christmas!
  10. Just Me

    The Disney Thread: For Everything Concerning the House of Mouse

    No reason why Ahsoka cannot show up within the Bad Batch series. And another role has already been confirmed.
  11. Just Me

    [Food] Eggnog 2020 - Just a nog in the machine

    You have your nog, but in germany we say Eierlikör and I think that's beautiful! ;)
  12. Just Me

    [Brazelton] Tommy "Tiny" Lister

    He'll always be Mr Rocco to me, the 'new nurse' to Don Juan de Marco, who ends up dancing Flamenco and moving to Seville, Spain. Says a lot when such a small role stays in mind. RIP good guy.
  13. Just Me

    [Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2020 - WHAM HARDER

    Also, I'm out since December 1st, kinda asked for it. Working from home with the easy listening oldie station in the background. Still love this song. :)
  14. Just Me

    [Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2020 - WHAM HARDER

    But was it the original song? Because the rules say " Only the original version applies. Enjoy the #!€#%!€%€& out of remixes and covers." That cover was the first clip I found of PMJ, stayed with them ever since.
  15. Just Me

    Movie News & Miscellany

    RIP good sir. I always loved him as Lord Vile in Blood of Heroes, such a presence in that small role.
  16. Just Me

    The Random Crap Thread 2: It Hits the Fan.

    I printed so much tabletop scenery and buildings that I ran out of space pretty quick. It's a really dangerous and addictive machine...
  17. Just Me

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    Exactly that. One producer, Knorr, not too long ago renamed their brand from 'Gypsy Sauce' to 'Spicy Sauce á la Hungary' and got quite the shitstorm for it...
  18. Just Me

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    And don't ask about Zigeunersauce...
  19. Just Me

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    Not only Negerküsse, but they were called Mohrenkopf (moor's head) as well...
  20. Just Me

    The EPIC WIN Thread 3: SON OF EPIC

    That video reminds me of our last trip to Ireland when I only heard 'bike' and wondered what he was on about, when the poor sales clerk only had asked if I wanted a 'bag'...