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  1. Cog

    [Question] OCR Software?

    I need to extract data from scans of 5000000 individual pages. I think I should OCR all the documents, but I don't know what would be the best option. I don't know if we should buy the software or use an online service. I think the software would be less expensive, but I don't know what would be...
  2. Cog

    Vero's birthday

    Tomorrow is Vero's birthday and I though it would be a nice surprise for her if everybody here send her an email for her special day. So, if it's not too much to ask, please send her an email tomorrow. She appreciates all of you and she will be glad to hear from you. After much discussion in...
  3. Cog

    [Question] PSN Account

    Remember my friend who died a few months ago? Do you know if there is a way to transfer his ps4 games from his account to his wife's? I'm not sure how psn and xbox accounts work but his wife wants to limit the time his sons spend playing and the kind of game they play.
  4. Cog

    I need advice.

    I could post this anonymously, but I think it would be obvious that I was the one asking. I never wanted to have children. I love my daughter with all my being, but I didn't want to have her in the first place. My wife and I talked about it a long time ago and we decided to have a child, but...
  5. Cog

    [Question] Is this worth the effort?

    Somebody gave me a new computer. It has: CPU Core i5 4460 2 GB RAM 1333 Mhz Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H81M-H My current system is: CPU Core i5 2500k 8 GB RAM 1600 Mhz Motherboard ASUS B75M I was thinking taking the motherboard and cpu from the new computer to my current pc. I was wondering...
  6. Cog

    Ask me anything and I will answer in a very bad english.

    After the earthquake, the members of this forums were worried about my well being and I realized that you probably don't know much about me. So, if you wan't to know something about me, this is your chance.
  7. Cog

    [Question] Should I upgrade my pc?

    I have a few extra dollars :) and I want to upgrade my pc. My current pc is 5 years old. I bought the parts in usa before the government came up with a new tax that will make me pay almost $80 for each package if it weights less than 8 pounds and if it cost less than $400. More than that and it...
  8. Cog

    [Question] I have to fix my boss' computer

    So. As the title says, I have my boss' laptop. This is a toshiba originally packaged with windows 8 home. He needed to join our office's domain and asked someone to install windows enterprise and that someone did install a pirated version that now no longer works. Windows key is missing...
  9. Cog

    [Question] Excel again

    Ok, this is going to be hard for me to translate so please use your imagination. I have a list of date ranges. I need to find if all those dates have one intersection point in common and what would be the range of that intersection. Any ideas?
  10. Cog

    [Brazelton] Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Died today Generally speaking, I don't like latin american writers. He was an exception. I always remember one of the best opening lines in literature "Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to...
  11. Cog

    From pirate to steam

    These days, I trying to stop pirating games and buy more games during steam sales. But the lack of a fast internet connection is stopping me. It's easier to buy a pirated disc for a couple of dollars. Is there a way to use these copies with games I already own in steam?
  12. Cog

    New phone

    Did you know that in Ecuador is illegal to import cellphones unless you are a company? It used to be that everytime a new phone was launched in usa I could buy an older model for a fraction of the price. Here a galaxy s2 is being sold at the same price of a s4. Now that my xperia play is...
  13. Cog

    [Question] Shoes?

    First I must say that I like to walk. A lot. It relaxes me. It helps me to think. Every day I walk at least 2 miles. Now, I destroyed three pairs of shoes this year. I've been walking for years and never had this problem. So I need recomendations about a what you think are the best shoes I...
  14. Cog

    Ordering from usa

    I'm planning to buy parts for my new pc in a few months. Since the best gpu that I could find in this city is a geforce 9500, I will order the parts from usa. I need a motherboard, cpu, gpu, psu, ram and maybe a hard drive. I not only need help choosing the best parts I could buy with my budget...
  15. Cog

    How does this work?

    Dear Dave or Jay As you probably know, the official currency here in Ecuador is the american dollar. A few years back, we started making our own coins. I'm sure these coins will have no value in usa. So, how can we have dollars that only work in this country? How this is not counterfeiting?
  16. Cog

    Talk about the love of your life

    My wife, Veronica, is the love of my life. The truth about me is that I don't like most people and most people don't like me. I have known her for 10 year and she still likes to be with me, and she finds me funny, and I think she is amazing. Some people think I'm weird because I say I will never...
  17. Cog

    A question for cat lovers

    Can a neutered cat be mistaken for a female cat? There are lots of male cats around the house and it looks like they want something with my cat
  18. Cog

    Baby Question

    Dear Dave, My two months old daughter won't sleep unless someone is holding her. Should I give a pacifier to my daughter? Any other advice? Thanks.
  19. Cog

    Help me to translate this.

    This is Soneto Enamorado from Francisco Luis Bernárdez: Soneto enamorado Dulce como el arroyo soñoliento, mansa como la lluvia distraída, pura como la rosa florecida y próxima y lejana como el viento. Esta mujer que siente lo que yo siento. y está sangrando por mi propia herida...
  20. Cog

    Should I tell her?

    Hi everybody. Don't know why but I like to talk about my problems with you all and hear your opinions. First. My wife is finally pregnant (yay us), but is having a very very very bad pregnancy, so she is staying with her parents for a few days. The thing is... our cat was hit by a car. The...