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  1. GasBandit


    So, yeah... I went ahead and started a Valheim server. I barely puttered around in it for a couple day/night cycles, repaired a ruined hut and stuck a bed and workbench in it, killed some wildlife, cut down some trees, fought some greydwarves. It's definitely got some appeal to it, and I was...
  2. GasBandit

    How to play Don't Starve Together

    Tagging @Dei @Celt Z @Terrik @Snuffleupagus @Cobra_Royality, but of course anybody interested is welcome to pile in. I know there was a Don't Starve Together thread already, but it was less about learning to play. First and foremost, Don't Starve is a gothic horror survival game where a number...
  3. GasBandit

    [Brazelton] Dave Creek, creator of Bob's Burgers

    at 42, skydiving accident.
  4. GasBandit

    Post your station

    I know Bones did it back in June in the minor tech victory thread, but it seems to me we should have a thread for this. So, let's see where you sit when you do your thing. I'll go first (or second, I guess, thanks to Bones).
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    [Brazelton] Fuddruckers and Luby's

    I just found out about this today. Not that I could eat at Fuddruckers anymore, but it was my favorite burger place as a kid.
  6. GasBandit

    How to play Deep Rock Galactic

    I did a write up for L4D2 and Killing Floor 2, so I think I've been remiss not making one of these for DRG. Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative 4-player first-person-shooter with light horror elements. The game involves four dwarven miners who work for the titular mining company being sent on...
  7. GasBandit

    Gas Bandit's DeepFake Abyss

    So... my first attempt at creating a deepfake has gone HORRIBLY awry.
  8. GasBandit

    [Brazelton] Norm Spencer (Cyclops' voice actor in animated/VG X-Men titles)

    Age 62, cause of death not disclosed.
  9. GasBandit

    [Brazelton] Google Play Music

    So, are you like me, and have a whole library of music in Google Play Music? And some leftover credit because you get some for christmas every year? Well, better spend that shit and back up your music library ASAP, because Google has decided to ax YET ANOTHER service that people use...
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    [Brazelton] Regis Philbin I mean, I'm not particularly broken up about it, but this is definitely the end of an era.
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    Sci Fi TV Tier Listings

    So I went ahead and made the template for this. Ugh, I had to sign up for twitter (with a burner account of course) to be able to save the template. I feel icky. And here's my listing. S-Tier: Babylon 5. Star Trek TNG. The Expanse...
  12. GasBandit

    Dirona - how to set up your stream with OBS

    @Dirona Here's a good guide for getting that started, though if you have questions about the technical parts of it, feel free to ask. You will need to get your RTMP Stream Key from facebook (the above link has a section showing...
  13. GasBandit

    [Brazelton] Jim Lehrer For 36 years, mostly teaming with Robert MacNeil, he offered an alternative to network evening news programs with in-depth reporting, interviews and news analysis. Jim Lehrer, the retired PBS anchorman who for 36 years...
  14. GasBandit

    [Brazelton] Brad "Aradune" McQuaid, the vision behind EverQuest

    Passed away at 51.
  15. GasBandit

    [Brazelton] Cokie Roberts, NPR reporter

    I've probably heard Cokie's voice more than any other woman I haven't met in person. My dad's radio will never be the same.
  16. GasBandit

    [Brazelton] Eddie Money (70)

    Edward Joseph Mahoney, AKA "Eddie Money," passed away Friday at age 70.
  17. GasBandit

    One of the Queen's doomweasels needs a little help.

    Gofundme Link Waffle, one of the doomweasels, has fallen ill with a blockage, and needs emergency surgery. Emrys needs help with the bill but she won't let me foot the whole thing. I convinced her to let me pass the hat for her around here. If you can spare a little, please chip in what you...
  18. GasBandit

    AAaaand we're back.

    Have fun everybody.
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    Halforums Empyrion Server Shutting down when Alpha 10 goes live on Stable Branch

    Alpha 10 has been announced to launch on stable branch on June 17th - this coming monday. Due to changes in my real life situation (changed employment), I can no longer really give the server the attention it needs in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new version (especially since it...
  20. GasBandit

    Halforums House 4 - Story/Update thread

    This is the place, folks - this is where I will post the updates to the ongoing story of Halforums House 4. The poll seems to indicate that more people would rather get screenshot-based updates so that they will be more frequent, so I'll be proceeding in that manner. The first update should be...