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  1. Celt Z

    Keltsey's AMAA - Ask Me Almost Anything!

    Sorry, @GasBandit , your hairy sausage is @Emrys' problem now. Okay, NOW you guys can ask me anything!
  2. Celt Z

    Can't Attach Files to Posts

    I try to attach a file with my posts or replies and all it shows it a broken image. Is this a "just me" issue or something going on with the boards? Both files I tried with were small jpegs, so nothing unusual about the size or file type. (No rush to get back to me, btw; Mr. Z and I are busy...
  3. Celt Z

    (Brazelton) Will Vinton, Claymation artist

    He was 70 years old and battling multiple myeloma. If you're not familiar with his name, you probably know his work, like The California Raisins and The Noid: I never realized that his studio became Laika...
  4. Celt Z

    License Plate help

    Hey, look! My first thread! :) I'm redoing Li'l Z's room (changing it over from nursery to "bigger kid") and went with a cars theme. Li'l Z is obsessed with cars, not just the Disney kind. When I was looking for something related, I came across this image and thought, "Hey, I can make that!"...