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    Stream Add

    Hey Dave, how do we add to the streams on here? Get an error every time.
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    [TV] Master of None

    Master of None premieres tonight at midnight on Netflix! Who's watching it? Trailer:
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    [Question] The Night Shift

    Hey! So I got a promotion but with it came along the dreaded night shift (6pm - 4:30am). Has anyone worked a night shift before that could give me advice?
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    Best Answer BananaHands and his new AMA thread!

    Oh, hey guys! Moved to LA and had a crazy year - but things have finally evened out (somewhat) and I can be more active on this forum. So, ask away!
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    BananaHands' Terrifying and Terrific Tinder Thread!

    Welcome to the first installment of BananaHands' Terrifying and Terrific Tinder Thread! What is Tinder? Tinder is a matchmaking mobile app. Using GPS technology, users can set a specific radius, and they will have the option to match with anyone that is within that distance. What should...
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    BananaHands' Great West Coast Journey!

    Hello friends! I'm moving to Los Angeles and am doing the big drive out west! So, I put a week aside to make my drive out there a fun road trip on July 25th. So hey! While I plan this out, I'd definitely like to see anyone who is 'in-between' Chicago and Los Angeles and have a beer with you...
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    Demographic: Mario Kart 64 Character?

    Who did you think was the best character and why was it Donkey Kong?
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    [Question] L.A. Neighborhoods?

    So, hey! Anyone here familiar with L.A.? I got some questions.
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    [Other] Couchsurfing - Let's Be Friends!

    So I've decided to dive into the world of couchsurfing. Who wants to be friends? Who wants to go exploring?? Let's endorse, befriend and whatever! The more recommendations/friends you have, the easier it is to find a couch when you're out...
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    Man, Break-Ups Are HARD.

    Kim Jong Un's Ex-Girlfriend Executed Yeesh. And I thought the worst part was trying to get my hoodie back from my exes.
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    Health and Fitness News

    Well, hey. Since I have a fancy banner under my name I should start being a bit more productive in my realm on this forum. So here's a spot to post and discuss the things happening in the world in regards to health and fitness.So yeah, this is making me rethink my 3-4 cups a day routine...
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    [Movies] MCU: Phase 3 And Beyond

    This is mostly a place for rumors and speculation about Phase 3/Future Projects considering Kevin Feige has claimed that the MCU has been mapped out until 2021. Will Hulk get another film? Is Black Panther going to actually happen? Are they going to mess Thanos up? Let's hear it.
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    [Comics] Hellboy - Where to Start?

    Okay. I'm going to get into Hellboy. Where should I start? What should I avoid? What should I look forward to?
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    Oh no! GMOs!

    Okay. So I'm a tad bummed. I stick to a (mostly)* vegan diet. Which is great. I enjoy it. It keeps me in check. Forces me to check ingredients and watch what I eat. Hell, I feel great. But I've been looking more and more at GMOs. I mean, come on. Call me a skeptic, but a corn that produces...
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    [Comics] Perfectly Casted Characters

    Okay HalForums, I've seen threads like this all over the place, but I want to know what you guys think. Since the explosion of all these comic book films, which characters do you think had the best casting? I'll go with the obvious: J.K. Simmons. Here's hoping he's J. Jonah in ASM2.
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    I log off for a night and come back to threads that could have used some crazy critters. So here, I'm making up for lost time. DO A BARREL ROLL
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    [Thread Game] Terrible Video Game Descriptions (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

    Give the vaguest description of a video game possible. See if anyone can guess it. First up? Get promised a cake. Jump in paintings. Throw a dinosaur. Race a penguin. Chase a rabbit in a basement. Throw a dinosaur. Run up a staircase forever. Goddamn, 70? Really? Run up the staircase. Throw...
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    AMA III : The Man with Bananas for Hands.

    You know the drill. Let's do this.
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    [Question] Honest Resume Critique

    So, yeah. Getting a bit tired of the ol' job hunt. Figuring it's my resume that's killin' me. What am I doing wrong here?
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    Would it be crazy to make a HalForums tumblr? We could share the comics posted here with a source linking to HalForums, share pictures of our resident cosplayers (from their tumblrs, of course) and multiple people could run it (Fig and Kags have tumblrs as well)! I just feel like it'd be a...