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  1. tegid

    Tegid's february draw-with-some-regularity (II)

    I don't want to promise anything, but I'll try really hard to make it to the end of the month this year! (Shit, I'm a day late already)
  2. tegid

    Let's try this: Tegid's AmA (II)

    Since this seems to be the thing today, ask away!
  3. tegid

    Sexism in speech and others

    So, the discussion over the usage of 'pussy' in the 9/11 thread prompted me to create this thread. Here's what I think: the fact that most derogatory words related to gender are feminine both means that we associate a bunch of negative concepts to feminity, and it helps those associations to...
  4. tegid

    [MMO] World of Darkness

    I hadn't heard about this or, if I had, I had already forgotten. Sounds really promising, something I would actually play (too bad I don't have the time one needs to put into these things)...
  5. tegid

    Tegid's februrary drawing thingy

    Sooo there's still about half an hour of january left, but I started drawing already. This is my first drawing. I know the anatomy is pretty off, and I should finish it but I'm more or less happy with it because I managed to draw more than one person in a scene, which is really difficult for me.
  6. tegid

    Hey, I can't sleep - cos my gf left me (baw?)

    So, my girlfriend of 3.5 years left me yesterday, out of the blue. Well, almost. Last week she gave me an ultimatum about some things I had to change (and I was on it) but she already told me that there are things of my personality that she doesn't like, that don't 'fit her needs right now', and...
  7. tegid

    Fuck yeah!!! Anonymous is attacking the Spanish equivalent of the RIAA.

    Apparently Anon is doing a DDoS on the SGAE (the Spanish equivalent of the RIAA, not really, but it's the closest I can think of) and the Spanish ministry of culture which has passed laws in favour of the SGAE in against the users. Awesome. Short summary of the situation here: The SGAE is...
  8. tegid

    AMA is the imperative for LOVE in Spanish

    I'm bored before going to bed and no one has made one of these in a while, so there you go. Ask me anything!
  9. tegid

    Deaf children upbringing and education

    I guess this won't stir much discussion here, but it's something that worries me and I since there's some people involved with education in some way here, I thought I'd ask. Anyway the thing is, my parents and like half of my family are deaf, making it probable that my own children will be. The...
  10. tegid

    Grave of the Fireflies (or I Cried Like a Little Girl) So, I watched it a couple of days ago and I cried like I hadn't in years. Sobbed and everything. Of course I was predisposed to being sad, and Setsuko (the little girl) reminded me slightly of my girlfriend in the Spanish dub (slightly similar voice, and...
  11. tegid

    Arcade link in bar

    It's not appearing in Evo. I understand it's work in progress but just so you knew, Ame.
  12. tegid

    Reveal your alts!

    The healthcare got me curious! Who is JCM's alt that is older than the universe? Who is Messiah's brother? Other alts? (Tress, care to start? :D )