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  1. Cajungal

    New day, new you

    Screw the new year! What are you doing TODAY to make a small, positive change? I'm notorious for leaving Christmas stuff out for way too long--old wrapping paper, stocking stuffers I dont know what to do with yet, things like that. I'm picking it ALL up today and trying to really lock into how...
  2. Cajungal

    Gals--clothing advice?

    Hi girls, ladies, and women. I haven't worn jeans since I put on some weight, because I just never bothered to replace them. It's hard to find jeans that fit both my legs and my hips at the same time. Does anyone have advice for where I should try? I'd like to keep it $75 or less.
  3. Cajungal

    Before and after photos

    This is more of a rant than anything else. I saw this "before/after" picture of a woman on Facebook. The two pictures were identical. It was a very nice statement about a person not being under obligation to be thin to please others. It's true, and it's a good thing to keep in mind. I definitely...
  4. Cajungal

    Live-in boyfriends and girlfriends in parents' home

    I was just reading a post by Dave, who mentioned that his daughter and her boyfriend live in his house. I live in a really conservative state, and I can't think of anyone who's been allowed to live with their SO while still in their parents' home. I know a girl from London who did it and...
  5. Cajungal

    A story that shapes you

    I was about to post something in the random crap thread, but then I didn't. This is a personal story that helped shape who I am today. Read mine and then share your own! We have an elevator to our upstairs classrooms for people who can't use the stairs. I almost never use it, even when my...
  6. Cajungal

    Ask Cajungal things so she has something to do while waiting for her professor this afternoon!

    You heard me! ...Please. And thank you.
  7. Cajungal

    [News] Minister fed up with injustice, sets self on fire This one hurts. A retired minister felt like he hadn't done enough to promote equality and justice, so he set himself on fire publicly. It was his way of...
  8. Cajungal

    Mystery nest

    Can anyone ID this nest my student found?
  9. Cajungal

    Happy birthday, Far!!

    Saw you celebrating in the drunk thread. Have a great day! :)
  10. Cajungal

    I need help

    I'm reaching out for support. Most days I feel ridiculous about how helpless I feel. There are so many supportive people in my life, but they can't help me with this. I don't want to be anywhere near 200 lb again. I'm trying so hard, but I have the same trouble as my father--in times of great...
  11. Cajungal

    [Announcement] I often see these on internet nostalgia lists... (Crispy M&Ms) Crispy M&Ms, something I've heard of but have never tried, are returning. So be happy if you were sad before. And they are kosher.
  12. Cajungal

    This thread is dumb

    I was just taking a quick coffee break and I came here to see what y'all were up to. It makes me happy to come here. Y'all make my day better. It's great when something small makes such a big difference. Thanks for being kind, blunt, funny, thought-provoking, and ridiculous. All those things...
  13. Cajungal

    Quitting myfitnesspal

    This isn't an advice thread... just an announcement I feel compelled to make for some reason. Over the past few weeks I've been deleting myfitnesspal from my phone. Finally I did it, and here's why, if you care: 1. I get hungry after dinner... not "I'm bored" hungry, but "shit I'm not going...
  14. Cajungal

    Question about parents of older kids

    I would just like some insight/opinions from parents whose kids are now adults, or from people who have been in a similar situation. My sister recently confided in me that our mom has been displaying some weird behavior towards her. In a nutshell, she's had some semi-serious health problems...
  15. Cajungal

    Which tablets do you like?

    I'm researching non-iPad tablets right now, and I'm just curious about your experiences. Which ones do you like/dislike? Thanks!
  16. Cajungal

    Hats for giant heads.

    Does anyone here know where I can find extra large hats? Jake's got a really big, hard-to-fit head...
  17. Cajungal

    Stuck--need to find a song. Help!

    Hello, everyone! I'm preparing a chapel for school next week, and I'd love to have a song to go along with it. I'm having trouble finding a song that is both A) kid friendly and B) not horrible ear-offending Christian pop. I need a song that delivers one of these messages: 1. Someone...
  18. Cajungal

    *childish laughter*

    This was fun to read.
  19. Cajungal

    How do you lose yourself?

    Give me something interesting to read! When you want all your problems to float away and kind of go on "autopilot" for a while, what do you do? How does that feel? I started this thread because of a very nice moment I had last week. I had started making a really simple, quick dinner. Before I...
  20. Cajungal

    Baton Rouge cops enforce sodomy mad right now. :mad: Are you fucking kidding me? This is ridiculous. Pissed off at my state right now... as if Baton Rouge wasn't terrible enough.