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  1. Frank

    Post Something Bizarre About Yourself

    I'll start, I have minor arachnodactyly. Which means I have abnormally long and slender fingers combined with a much larger than average palm. I've always been mocked for my "dainty" fingers but fuck you, my hand from bottom of my palms to tip of my middle finger is over 9 inches long. It was a...
  2. Frank

    Gimme some advice on making lasagna

    I'm making a vegetarian mushroom lasagna and I'm torn on whether I should brown the mushroom before plopping them into the lasagna layers or just putting them in raw and letting them cook and release their mushroomy juices into the lasagna as it cooks. I can't find any real advice on this...
  3. Frank

    [Brazelton] RIP Roy Batty

    or better known as, Rutger Hauer, who died on July 19th in his home in the Netherlands. Poop. He was only 75.
  4. Frank

    Clancy Brown

    Now that you thought for a split second that this treasure of film, animation and TV was dead, HAVE NO FEAR! He turned 60 today. I'm just making a thread celebrating the best voice and menacing presence of all time! ' Now everybody settle down, Clancy's doing just fine!
  5. Frank

    Video Game Battle Music

    So, many an RPG or action game or what have you have had the difficulty of having battle music that won't grind away at your sanity while you hear it for the 1100th time in a single play session. What are some of the real good ones that stand above the others? I can't think of one I like...
  6. Frank

    [News] China deems testicle veins of Army signups too large! Seriously, Chinese youths are too fat and masturbate too much leading to "enlarged testicular veins" that make them non-viable army recruits. You guys should get...
  7. Frank

    My regional candy product is better than yours

  8. Frank

    [Brazelton] Chris Cornell :( One of my favorite musicians.
  9. Frank

    Article: My Family's Slave. Well worth a half hour of your time. This is an extremely lengthy article about a man talking about the slave woman he grew up with in the latter half of the 20th century, in America. Insanely fascinating. I cannot recommend it more.
  10. Frank

    Zelda BOTW Thread

    I just ordered a Wii-U copy from Amazon and it's arriving tomorrow. Big fan of the Prime 20% discount on new games.
  11. Frank

    [Food] How Much Pizza Do You Eat?

    Let's use an average medium pizza as the option here (12 inches) cut into 8 diagonal slices. There was a time where my answer would have been easily all 8 (post super fatty stage too). Then, as I got a bit older, 6. Then 4. Now, at the ripe old age of 33, I usually only eat 2 before I'm...
  12. Frank

    [Brazelton] Leonard Cohen

    Something, something, 2016.
  13. Frank

    Do you recognize this logo?

    Doing a favor for my mom who runs a used kids clothing store and can't identify this logo and I've also had no luck.
  14. Frank

    Frank Paints Warhammer (also Reaper Bones)

    Got back into Warhammer 40k. With the new CEO has been making big improvements with the company like, gasp, discounting models. The get started boxes offer a pretty good value. So I'm in on Cult Mechanicus. A buddy gave me his old Ahriman so I painted him up too.
  15. Frank

    Cinematech (Post your favorite cutscenes)

    Hey all, I want to see some of the video game videos, cutscenes, whatever that you think as your favorites of all time. I don't care if they look shitty now, what matters is how much you liked them when you first saw them. Stuff from all eras of games. Here are a few of mine. Soul Reaver...
  16. Frank

    [Brazelton] Alan Rickman

    Come on! Also 69, also cancer.
  17. Frank

    Halforums Games of the Year 2015

    Last year I collected all of your votes and wrote up a big thing on what we thought were the games of the year last year. This year I was listening to a podcast and liked the way they did things, so I'm going to shamelessly rip off their format. We'll have categories and everyone will just...
  18. Frank

    The Shield is 19 dollars today on

    So if you haven't watched it, the entire bloody series is 19 bucks. Buy it and watch it. It's the best shows of the 2000s easily. Bloody cheap Shield deal. Do it you God damn minions.
  19. Frank

    [Question] Do you eat ranch or blue cheese?

    So, I got into an argument with some contemporaries tonight about proper accompaniment to hot wings. Albertans, as a whole, seem to prefer ranch, while I know for a fact that blue cheese is the traditional hot wing dip. This argument went down steak/standing to poop style. I am going post a...
  20. Frank

    How big of a baby were you?

    I don't know why I'm curious. Maybe because all of my friends are expecting right now. Well, not all, just most. So, how big were you when you were born? I was born in a cold January in the Northwest Territories. I was one of two births that night in the hospital. One, was a tiny Inuit...