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  1. Bones

    [Question] protectors for steelbook dvd cases.

    i dont know where to post this, but I have a question of a weird nature I was hoping to get input on. I am looking for steelbook protectors for dvd cases but so far i am amiss about what is the right idea. I realize you guys are probably just gonna stare at me blankly but I figured it was worth...
  2. Bones

    thoughts on smartwatches?

    I have a credit coming for being a "elite" samsung/sprint user and pre-ordering a Galaxy S20+ thinking I might use it to get a Galaxy Smartwatch. However no one i know owns a smartwatch, so figured I would ask the forums their opinions. so I wait for your input.
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    The gods of facebook tell me that today is @LittleKagsin birthday, so here we be! HOPPY BURTHDAY LADY MAY IT BE AS SPECIAL AS POSSIBLE!
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    Bones Lifestyle changes or how I learned to to stop worrying and love life without sugar.

    There is no nice way to say I am a recovering sugar junkie for lack of a better term. I have spent most of my adult life overweight and miserable. A few weeks ago I made a drastic and blind choice to ween myself off of sweetened drinks, normal and diet, along with standard dietary changes in...
  5. Bones

    [Question] Single drive vs dual drive external hdd.

    So i need a new external "oh shit" backup drive to add to my network. I am mostly backing up photos and occasionally videos. I like wd and i notice they have a single and dual drive version. Im wondering what advantages i might get by paying another 200 bucks and getting the double drive version.
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    mouse scroll wheel is suddenly erratic

    as stated my logitech anywhere mx 2 mouse scroll wheel is suddenly very stodgy when using the scroll whell
  7. Bones

    [Question] wired headphone recommendations?

    I searched for a bit but didnt see anything recent on the topic so I figured I would ask. I am looking for a decent set of general use headphones, their use will be media and games, and I'd like to spend under 300 bucks. I wear glasses so a set that doesnt make my head hurt after 20 minutes is a...
  8. Bones

    displayport cables

    I ordered a new monitor coming later this month and ive been told I have to be careful buying displayport cables, can anyone enlighten me?
  9. Bones

    i can no longer get my garage door opener to learn a remote

    we had power issues the other day, after turning off and restarting my opener i was able to get one of my remotes prgrammed to it, but for the life of me I can not seem to get it into "learn" mode again to program the other. should i be shopping for a new unit?
  10. Bones

    handle on outside faucet broke, at a loss of how to repair it.

    i have one of these, the red handle broke off and I cant seem to find a replacement handle anywhere on the internet. if anyone has any advice i am all ears!
  11. Bones

    looking for advice on a new monitor

    I'm looking to add a 3rd monitor to my current set-up. considering something in the 32-34" inch range at 4K for future proofing. I was seriously considering the Samsung ud970 but cant find it for sale anywhere. The Acer Predator also looked nice. I'd also enjoy advice of 16:9/10 vs the new...
  12. Bones

    Choosing a UPS system for my computer.

    I figure since i just invested a couple grand into a new computer its probably high time i get a legit ups system to gelp protect it. If i want to give myself enough wiggle room to safe shut down my computer and a monitor while also giving myself brownout protection for my routing hardware and...
  13. Bones

    hard drive makes regular tapping noise

    I was doing some stuff tonight with updating drivers on my video card when i noticed my storage drive makes a soft tap/thump every 30 seconds now. it seems to be working fine, but i cant figure out whats causing it to make the noise. I tried to get the WD disk checker to work but it crashed upon...
  14. Bones

    [Question] what does this pop-up even mean?

    is this Microsoft asking me if I would recommend my computer, THAT I BUILT MYSELF, to others?(it popped up when i logged in after work tonight..)
  15. Bones

    new computer build feedback

    so im getting ready to pull the trigger on a new computer build but i have no idea what im doing. I would love some feedback. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i7-6800K 3.4GHz 6-Core Processor ($439.99 @ Newegg) CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i v2 70.7 CFM Liquid...
  16. Bones

    lost a socket in the engine bay of my mothers car.

    on a scale of 1-10 how likely is a socket that fell to the bottom of the engine bay of a car likely to cause damage? its not in the engine its omewhere on the bottom of engine area. my mom is giving me grief, i was trying to tighten her battery cables and it popped off.
  17. Bones

    help translating a Chinese keyword on an image.

    I am working with other redditors to find a cosplayer who as so far as unidentifed. this set of characters appears as a keyword on many of her images 雪霏酱, google translates as gibberish, i was wonder if anyone could tell me what it is suppose to mean?
  18. Bones

    [Question] best brand/type of windshield wiper blades?

    I am having a hell of a time getting any windshield wiper to last more than a couple months with any reliability. anyone have any advice other than keep trying different brands? I am using beam blades right now because its winter in Minnesota, but I could try traditional tension arm blades when...
  19. Bones

    come watch my cohost kiki draw!

    she needs viewers!
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    Bones wants you to AMA

    I had a thread it got closed. so following in littlekagsin's steps im home today with nothing on the docket so please ask me anything so i dont spend the entire day snoozing.