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  1. Dave

    [Gaming] Anyone interested in a weekly Roll20 RPG?

    Looking for a couple of people to play an online RPG on Monday nights on Roll20. Or Tuesday, whichever works for you. The game is called Ironwood and it's the RPG I wrote. I'm already running a live session every other Saturday and a Roll20 every other Friday. But I want to do a weekly game...
  2. Dave

    Who here uses Roll 20?

    And if you have, have you used custom character sheets? I'm really wanting to run my game there and want a custom sheet for my game, but can't code for shit. Anyone able to help or at least give a direction?
  3. Dave

    [Brazelton] Screech dead at 44 He was a gigantic douche in real life, but that's still young. Fuck cancer.
  4. Dave

    [Brazelton] Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) from Gilligan's Island

    Died of Covid. Yay 2020.
  5. Dave

    [Brazelton] For you old people. RIP Squiggy.

  6. Dave

    [Informational] Board Errors

    If you get a HTTP 500 error when hitting Home or Forums, please just hit the back button and click "New Posts". I downloaded a new Anonymous addon that's causing an error. The dev and I are working on it at this moment.
  7. Dave

    We still miss you, Mikko.

    7 years ago today. I read through the posts in the Hall of Fame again yesterday. Still miss you, buddy.
  8. Dave

    NVidia 30-Series announced

    Looks like September is when Dave is doing a redo of his PC. GeForce RTX 30-Series GPU information: RTX 3090RTX 3080RTX 3070 GPUSamsung 8N GA102Samsung 8N GA102Samsung 8N GA104 Transistor28 billion28 billion17 billion SMs826846 CUDA Cores10496 CUDA Cores8704 CUDA Cores5888 CUDA...
  9. Dave

    [Brazelton] Charlie Daniels dead at 83.

    I guess the devil finally learned how to play better than him.
  10. Dave

    [Brazelton] NO! Carl Reiner! RIP

    Son of a bitch. I love this guy.
  11. Dave

    Transformers Forum

    Some of you sharp-eyed people might notice that there's a new forum in the Forum Stuff area. Zappit asked if I could create one since there seems to be a couple of fandom areas where women are being harassed. So I created that for them. So if you see it or any new faces, greet them with open...
  12. Dave

    [Brazelton] Brian Dennehy

    Aw, man. I loved him.
  13. Dave

    Asking for your help again. BErt needs us.

    When it rains it pours, Halforumites. I know we've done two of these very recently, but trouble sometimes doesn't wait for us to catch our breath. Many of you might not know this, but BErt has recently been hospitalized. He was there a week and lost that whole week of wages. This has put him in...
  14. Dave

    Looking for a sound editor.

    Looking for someone who would want to do sound editing for a podcast. This would be a bi-weekly podcast and we'd pay by the edit. If this interests you, send me a PM and we'll talk brass tacks. In fact, if you're willing to TAKE brass tacks then don't bother. I wouldn't even know were to find any.
  15. Dave

    Who wants a paid gig drawing a logo?

    I need a caricature logo for the new podcast that myself and a friend will be starting. PM me and we'll talk time and pricing.
  16. Dave

    [Announcement] DarkAudit is losing his home

    Again. DarkAudit is losing his home again. After the foreclosure he's been living at the hotel. Well, they just got sold and he has to GTFO. Now he's scrambling to stay off the street. He found a place but with deposit and rent, he's stretched to the limit. Let's do something about that limit...
  17. Dave

    Donation tab has been added for Frank.

    As many of us know, Frank has lost his job. This has created a considerable strain on him and his financial situation, so he has reached out for our help. Right now he is in serious danger of losing his house. As someone who has been through this exact scenario, I know how much it weighs on...
  18. Dave

    Bugs/Issues after upgrade to XF2.1

    If you find a bug or issue in the system after the upgrade, please post the issue here. Thanks!
  19. Dave

    [Announcement] Software Update and Call for Help.

    In the next day or so there will be a few things happening. First, I have been approached by a member that is in severe financial need. Like, food and shelter needs are in danger. So I went to put something up for donations and found that we don't have an XF2.0 donations addon. We had one for...
  20. Dave

    [Music] The Coolest Music Prank Ever (Green Day)

    So a few months ago there was an internet furor over a "leaked" Green Day album called "Magnum Opus of the Inglorious Kind". The music world kind of blew up, considering they had just released a single in September called "Father of All". As a Green Day fan, I was a part of the speculative...