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  1. CrimsonSoul

    [PC Game] Talespire DnD

    So I've been following this game for a while now because I've always wanted to play DnD but I just have never been able to, Talespire is a Steam game where you can create and/or join DnD campaigns with a graphical interface, where you can see the board in 3d. So, if we get a group and someone...
  2. CrimsonSoul

    Anyone from China?

    I could have sworn we had a few Chinese halforumites on here, or at least one. Can one of them pm me please (living in China currently) need a huge favor. Or if you know someone living there, I need a favor!
  3. CrimsonSoul

    Any nurses on the forum?

    I was able to get a "promotion" at work that put me on straight nights in a management poaitionwith only a 1k cut in pay (I wanted this) which will allow me to go to college full time and get some sleep in at work. With my extra time I'm going back to school to get my lvn/lpn and then my adn and...
  4. CrimsonSoul

    Aurora's medical stuff

    So I don't clog. Up the epic win thread. Ambulance is here I'm riding with her to Houston mom is staying here recovering from. C-Section
  5. CrimsonSoul

    Online px soon to be open to all honorably discharged veterans

    I know we have some veterans on the board, so I'm passing this out in case they don't know. Starting November 11 the online px websites (like nex or px) will be available for all honorably discharged veterans to use, they just have to verify themselves at (I think this is the right site)...
  6. CrimsonSoul

    [Books] Need help finding a book

    I read it about 10 years ago maybe, it's about some staffer in Washington DC and they place bets on getting riders added to bills and passing. I can't remember the name of the book, but they made a movie out of it too if I remember right. Anyone have any ideaFound it. The Zero Game
  7. CrimsonSoul

    Anyone work at Universal in Orlando that can get me free tickets? :)

    Just what the title says. Does anyone here work at Universal Orlando that can hook me up with some free tickets Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  8. CrimsonSoul

    Payday 2 free in steam store

    Just what the title says payday 2 is currently free in the steam store if anyone wants it @Dave it will have vr support as a free dlc eventually just fyi Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  9. CrimsonSoul

    HTC vive

    Well I bit the bullet. I'll have an HTC vive on Wednesdayish Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  10. CrimsonSoul

    The help crimsonsoul avoid something post!

    So good. News bad news here, guys. Good news is that I'm going to get a 200 dollar baby carrier for free, bad news to get it for free I have to watch "vaxxed" and they have to be there when me and the wife watch it so they know we aren't lieing lol. Anyone want to help me avoid having to watch...
  11. CrimsonSoul

    Happy Birthday CrimsonSoul!

  12. CrimsonSoul

    [Brazelton] Actor who played chekov in New star trek movies dead - Anton Yelchin Apparently died in a traffic accident Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  13. CrimsonSoul

    Bernie Sanders?

    Why am i getting Bernie Sanders tweets on the main page in the twitter area?
  14. CrimsonSoul

    [Brazelton] Nintendo president dead at 55 Apparently it was a bile duct growth that got him
  15. CrimsonSoul

    My rc car lives!

    Back in November I got myself a new rc car (slayer 4x4 nitro powered) during the break in period something happened and I could T get the engine to start (now I believe the problem was the ez start) well I just recently got a new motor with a pull start, got the motor and exhaust changed out and...
  16. CrimsonSoul

    Reddits "the Button" I love it

    Apparently on April 1st went live with a countdown timer of 60 seconds. Every user that was registered before 4/1/15 gets one button press that resets the timer back to 60 seconds. It's been 9 days. the timer still hasn't reached 0.
  17. CrimsonSoul

    Anyone live in Wisconsin?

    Anyone live in the Baraboo or Wisconsin area want to meet up today or tomorrow to say hi?
  18. CrimsonSoul


    So I've been playing Smite a lot, and I need some help. I need three people to get on and level up to level 15 for me so I can get a skin, when you make an account for referral put in CrimsonSoul24 Edit: Here's a link because you love me...
  19. CrimsonSoul

    My feel good Christmas (Holidays for Charlie) story

    So we normally can't afford too terribly much for Christmas for the kids, we get by but never really get them anything super awesome. Today/tonight my wife was talking to someone she knows that has a 14 year old kid and they can't afford Christmas even more than us. The kids trying to do odd...
  20. CrimsonSoul

    [Contest] Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

    So I had a spare money and picked up a gift copy of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. Soo.... One Paragraph story contest time! I'll probably leave this thread open for two weeks since the game doesn't launch till October Rules: 1. Write about anything as long as it is only one paragraph in length...