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  1. IronBrig4

    SDCC 2019

    I couldn't get passes for this year's Comic Con, but there was still a lot going on outside. One of the art galleries had a Picard exhibit and it was amazing. There were props or at least replicas from the show, including Data's painting of Spot and a collection of Dixon Hill novels...
  2. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Stan Lee dead at 95 Well crap.
  3. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Voice of HAL dead at 90 I really wanted to ask him to open the pod bay doors too.
  4. IronBrig4

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiplayer

    Hey, RDR2 is coming out shortly. I'm getting a PS4 soon as well. Would anyone like to form a multiplayer group?
  5. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] John Heard (Dad from Home Alone) dead at 71 I can think of a lot of Home Alone-related jokes about this, but they just make me feel sad.
  6. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Powers Boothe dead at 68 This makes me sad. I always liked him in Tombstone. At least now he's with Morgan Earp, playing cards in that big saloon in the sky.
  7. IronBrig4

    Girl wants to go on dates but doesn't want to date

    I've been going on dates with this girl since New Year's Eve. She's cool and we've been going on dates fairly regularly. She lives about 90 minutes away so we have to plan out dates in advance. It's not like we can just call each other up and say, "I'm hungry. Wanna get sushi tonight?" Last...
  8. IronBrig4

    Thor 3: Ragnarok

    Looks good. I particularly like how the valkyries are portrayed. I just wish Marvel didn't spoil the whole plot in a single teaser trailer.
  9. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Chuck Berry dead at 90 Now this is a real bummer. But I can't really chalk this up to 2017 being a dick. The guy was 90 and that's a ripe old age.
  10. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Robert Osborne of TCM "I'm Robert Osborne. Thanks for watching." This is the guy who hosted all those...
  11. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Bill Paxton dead at 61 He died due to complications from surgery. This is a bummer.
  12. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Miguel Ferrer This guy didn't have any iconic roles, but he was in a lot of movies and TV shows. When you saw him on screen, you'd say "hey it's that guy!"
  13. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] George Irving aka Heat Miser

    Lifelong actor and Tony winner George S. Irving passed away earlier today. He also costarred with Carrie Fisher. This has been a bad day. He was just too much.
  14. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Dr. Heimlich of Heimlich Maneuver fame The guy who told us what to do if someone chokes just kicked the bucket at 96. I...
  15. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Alan Thicke from Growing Pains And 2016 claims another 69-year-old celebrity.
  16. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Creator of General Tso's Chicken dead at 98 The Taiwanese chef who invented one of the most recognizable American Chinese foods has just passed away. Man, 2016 is a mean drunk.
  17. IronBrig4

    Firefly animated series

    It's a 30-second teaser but I must have MOAR!
  18. IronBrig4

    Comic Con 2016 Pics

    I was able to swing a Friday pass to Comic Con. I'll admit that I spent most of my time there playing D&D in the gaming room because the exhibitors' hall was more crowded than a train car in Tokyo during rush hour... or Mumbai at any given time. I also avoided the major panels for that reason...
  19. IronBrig4

    Oregon Trail inducted into World Video Game Hall of Fame Awesome. I remember playing Oregon Trail in elementary school. It was hilarious going past gravestones of kids who left obscene messages.
  20. IronBrig4

    [Brazelton] Mel Brooks NOT dead at 89 - April Fool's Joke He died peacefully in his sleep, so not a bad way to go. Still, it's a bummer because that guy shaped my sense of humor. Even though he hadn't directed anything since that awful Dracula: Dead and Loving It, I still enjoyed the shows and...