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  1. Tiger Tsang

    Video Game News and Miscellany

    Broke my wizard security dongle a year and change ago.
  2. Tiger Tsang

    Coronavirus Thread

    Yep, the local Health Dept put out a notice that infections from the first week of July to this/last week went from 7 to 71. I just wish 'Muricans and their screeching about their FREEDOMS!!! didn't their use their FREE DUMBS.
  3. Tiger Tsang

    Get Better Saul
  4. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] A-how, how, how Dusty Hill at 72
  5. Tiger Tsang


    Why didn't you have pet cow or alpaca so that I could have known this joy?
  6. Tiger Tsang

    [News] US Capitol Siege 6 January 2021

    I'm definitely of the mind of ACAB but this was a good mic drop
  7. Tiger Tsang

    Biden 1st term

  8. Tiger Tsang

    A Loki Place for Spoilers
  9. Tiger Tsang

    Biden 1st term

    Annnnnnddddd, Just stump the stupidity when the morons show up with what they've said instead of engaging . . . . They should have been doing this shit when Obama was in office.
  10. Tiger Tsang

    Coronavirus Thread

    it's their kids and people that are immuno compromised around them that I really truly feel sorry for.
  11. Tiger Tsang

    [Music] Metal Thread

    Samurai Eddie and the Four HorseEddies of the Apocolypse.
  12. Tiger Tsang

    [Music] Metal Thread

    Those guys still have it, I just wish that they would have had a song or two with John Bush. Sound of White Noise had some killer tracks. *Doesn't hurt for the Twin Peaks reference*
  13. Tiger Tsang

    [Movies] Talk about the last movie you saw 2: Electric Threadaloo

    The Muppet Show was a Pre-cursor to the Animaniacs. Lots of subtle adult humor *not raunchy necessarily* but on the surface family friendly. The Christopher Reeve episode is a prime example.
  14. Tiger Tsang

    Coronavirus Thread

    After a year and a half of this shit, Anti-vaxxers are incubators for mutations and I honestly wouldn't give a damn if they died *life long after effects would be a drain on other people's access to healthcare*, it's their kids and people that are immuno compromised around them that I really...
  15. Tiger Tsang

    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    40 watt bulbs that think they're spotlights.
  16. Tiger Tsang

    [Music] Metal Thread

    Whelp, just purchased my tickets for the Anthrax Livestream tomorrow night. Haven't ever been able to catch them since one of the best concert nights in Germany.
  17. Tiger Tsang

    Whine like a baby, now with 500% more drama!

    Mourn until you are ready, But Diomedes is looking down "You have a kitty sized hole in your soul, and somebody could use a good home."
  18. Tiger Tsang

    [Movies] MCU: Phase 3 And Beyond

    That, and he'd probably been Professor Hulk for quite some time.
  19. Tiger Tsang

    [Movies] MCU: Phase 3 And Beyond

    I'll need to re-watch it, but Black Widow was, to me, floating around the Thor 2 and questionable Iron Man movies. Which actually, sucks, as I love the cast.
  20. Tiger Tsang

    Rant VIII: The Reckoning

    Parents, whatever grief they occasionally give you, will be, at least somewhat, understanding about depression issues. A roommate will want your share of the rent/bills. And 700 does sound expensive.