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  1. Ravenpoe

    Oculus Quest 2

    So despite my hatred of Facebook, I picked up an Oculus Quest 2 on sale and the thing is amazing. It's so much easier to use than a Vive. Weren't there some other people around here that were into VR?
  2. Ravenpoe

    help me compress multiple files?

    So here's my problem. I've got a file folder with just over a thousand files in it, and I need to compress these files into individual .zip files. These are roms to be used for emulation. I thought I could use a simple batch file, but the batch file doesn't seem to do anything, nor does trying...
  3. Ravenpoe

    [Brazelton] Onlyfans

    In what is becoming something of a trend with some big social media sites, Onlyfans is following the same trajectory that Tumblr did: grow popular off the backs of sex workers and then ban them from the platform.
  4. Ravenpoe

    [Brazelton] DMX

    After being in a coma the last few days, DMX has died.
  5. Ravenpoe

    Wow, NordVPN can get fucked

    This is just a psa for me to explain how much I dislike NordVPN. I'm not even talking about how well they work (or how they got hacked and compromised a ton of used data) I'm just aghast at how shady their customer service is. I decided to give NordVPN's free trial a spin, particularly their...
  6. Ravenpoe

    Show me your watch!

    And I mean wrist watches, not like voyeurism or anything. If you like to watch, take it to the NSFW forum. So then, wrist watches! I've recently started collecting them, specifically mechanical ones, and I want to see what kinds of watches people here are wearing. I do own a smart watch but...
  7. Ravenpoe

    [Brazelton] Herman Cain
  8. Ravenpoe

    Ravenpoe AMA, starting this shit again

    That's right, I'm starting the ball rolling on this self aggrandizing forum tend again, because even though I jest, it turns out I like aggrandizing myself. It also fits in nicely with my continued policy of being more open, more honest, and more willing to discuss the things we don't talk...
  9. Ravenpoe

    Poe shares way too much about his sexuality, or lack thereof

    Hi peeps. Awhile ago I opened up about my anxiety and depression, because I felt it was important that these topics not be taboo, and that people feel comfortable talking about it as they would any other health issue. I've continued treatment since then and am in a very good place now, and so...
  10. Ravenpoe

    I'm Poe and I'm kinda fucked in the head, AMA

    Continuing my effort of being open and honest about mental illness and my own personal hangups, I decided I would start one of these things. Ask me anything and I will answer as completely honestly as possible. Assuming of course I know the answer, if you try throwing state capitol trivia at me...
  11. Ravenpoe

    Slow speed on same wifi network

    You might remember me posting that I needed to replace my laptop. I did, and the new one works great. So great, in fact, that it gets about double the download speeds than my desktop, which is connected to the same wifi network. What could be causing the slower speeds on my desktop? A wired...
  12. Ravenpoe

    A depression update

    So, about a year ago... Maybe 2, I'm bad with time, I posted here about how I was finally going to admit to myself my problems with depression and see my doctor about possible medication. Yeah, none of that ever happened. Partially because I'm afraid the medication wouldn't work, when I've...
  13. Ravenpoe

    Help me find a new laptop

    My laptop finally died, so it's time to get a new one. I don't want to say I'm looking for a gaming laptop, because when you put gaming in the title of something, it's typically a way to charge more for inferior hardware in the hopes that people don't know any better. But I do mostly use this...
  14. Ravenpoe

    [Gaming] Poe's Top Ten Games of 2017

    It's the end of the year (almost) and that means it's time for pointless top ten lists, and this one is about my favorite games of 2017. These are purely based on my tastes, and are limited only to the games I've actually played, so if there's an amazing game that you think I'm missing, odds...
  15. Ravenpoe

    We get it, you vape (vaping questions)

    So how about an unhealth question? I'm curious about vaping, and wondered if anyone here does it or could offer advice. My main goal with vaping would be the delivery of nicotine into my body. What are your experiences with it, what do you use, and where can you buy it?
  16. Ravenpoe

    [PC Game] Destiny 2 - pretty fun until I got banned

    So, Destiny 2 PC, aka the real version, comes out in a couple days. Who is getting it?
  17. Ravenpoe

    [Gaming] Eternal, it's like magic meets hearthstone I mentioned this in the what are you playing thread, but I wanted to make a new thread to bring attention to this game. I started playing this game on the recommendation of a friend, and I'm now hooked. It's an online collectible card game, which are pretty...
  18. Ravenpoe

    [Movies] Logan - spoiler discussion

    Since Logan is a pretty powerful film (or at least I thought so) I imagine people will want to talk about it, and want to do so without having to do spoilers in the movie thread. So let's talk about it here. If you haven't seen the movie, it's your own damn fault for you to be in this...
  19. Ravenpoe

    [Brazelton] Carrie Fisher, 2016 got her after all

    She will be missed, she overall seemed like a pretty cool lady.
  20. Ravenpoe

    Medical Marijuana

    So, starting January, Florida will officially allow medicinal use of marijuana. To anyone that's lived in a state that has medical marijuana cards, how exactly do you go about getting one? I don't ask purely for recreational use (though that, too) but I do have medical conditions that I think...