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  1. HowDroll

    NaNoWriMo 2012

    Who's doing it this year (besides BananaHands) ?? For those of you who aren't familiar, NaNoWriMo is a (free) event that happens every November in which participants try to write a 50,000+ word novel in one month. It's a lot of fun, and usually November is by far my most productive writing...
  2. HowDroll

    [Rant] Can we please stop this "is she a REAL geek lol" bullshit?

    Before my rant, some context, for those of you have been living in caves: 1) Journalist questions Felicia Day's "street cred" 2) Internet explodes 3) Asshole on CNN weighs in, says Felicia Day is legit but lambasts girls (including Frag Dolls and Olivia Munn) "pretending to be geeks for...
  3. HowDroll

    Why are women such necrophiliacs? (Warm Bodies movie)

    Now, I've been known to lust after a vampire or two (Spike from BTVS is my all-time husbando), although I like to think I'm more attracted to anti-hero badassery than fangs, but someone told me about the upcoming zombie romance movie Warm Bodies and I thought it was a joke until I found it on...
  4. HowDroll

    Wyrmrest Accord WoW Guild Sexy Fun Time.

    You know you want to join The Crimson Battalion, the awesome heavy-RP guild BananaHands and I started on Wyrmrest Accord. I know most of you have already stopped reading because you're on your way to boot up your World of Warcraft accounts and get in on this action, but for those of you who are...
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    EA Needs to F*** off and die You know what cheapens intellectual property, EA? Releasing shitty, unfinished games and giving the finger to customers who have the gall to complain about it. In other news, I recently wiped my...
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    BH is so sexy omg

    Just so everyone is clear.
  7. HowDroll

    I really need a custom title...

    ... and I'm too lazy to come up with my own, so perhaps you all can pick one for me? :D Anything's fair game. Whichever one gets the most "likes" by Saturday night will reside under my name, no questions asked.
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    Bringing sexy back

    Hai guise. What's going on?
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    Dickerdoodle 2009: DICK HARDER

    Gabe from Penny-Arcade just announced the start of this year's Dickerdoodle contest. For those of you who are ignorant about what that is, you can find information at ElJuski and I entered last year, but alas, we were not among the winners. For months now, we...
  10. HowDroll

    Tattoo questions

    For a few years now, I've really wanted to get a tattoo of some sort. It would obviously be something small and easily-hidden, but I really think it would be awesome to get one. The biggest thing that stood in the way of me was my ex. He said tats on women are disgusting and he'd break up...
  11. HowDroll

    Can I has bawww thread now?

    I've given enough advice in enough bawww threads that I feel I've earned one of my own. Here's the thing. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5+ years and are seriously talking about getting engaged. 95% of the time, I'm really happy with him. He's honestly a great guy. He's funny...
  12. HowDroll

    There is a girl at the table next to me in Panera wearing a short skirt...

    who keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs. She's pretty hot, too. Just thought I'd share. I'm pretty entertained right now.
  13. HowDroll

    You know the drill...

    *sits patiently and waits for questions*
  14. HowDroll

    New Game of Thrones casting announcements!

    Taken directly from GRRM's blog. As Jamie Lannister: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau As Theon Grayjoy: Alfie Allen (brother of Lily Allen, apparently) Sansa and Arya, respectively (unknown child actors, these are the only pics of them out there): As Daenerys (and I know you're...
  15. HowDroll

    The Perfect Woman

    This guy spent about 20k of his own money to build an android. The result is so, so creepy: Check out some of the vids. I guess the obvious question to pose to any lonely forumites out there, though, is if you had the resources to buy a robotic woman, would...