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  1. Sparhawk

    [NHL] 2021-2022 NHL Season

    Watching opening night, 2nd intermission with this season’s news broadcast team. I like that they’ve brought in Messier and Chelios as part of the team. Two guys that can actually discuss hockey unlike some past years with the other networks. Tampa is currently trailing a Crosby and...
  2. Sparhawk

    [Brazelton] Christopher Plummer dead at 91

    Stupid brain fart, I know he was in Sound of Music, and An American Tail, Pixar’s Up, and tons of other things.
  3. Sparhawk

    Sparhawk's wife's journey

    Yeah, decided to start a thread about this, just a place to put everything that is happening with this. We've been dealing with my wife's Lupus for over 25 years now, so we've had some rather scary stuff happen. She's had the pain, odd reactions to some things, and even a scare with kidney...
  4. Sparhawk

    [Question] Traveling to Nashville

    Going on a vacation trip to the Nashville area in August (19-24 or so) for the solar eclipse. Starting to really look at things to do, since the wedding is over, and looking for idea that you may have heard about on things to do. We do know that we're planning for large crowds, over a million...
  5. Sparhawk

    [Question] New Mouse

    I'm looking for a new mouse. I have been using the corded version of this Logitech for the past few years... Logitech mouse on amazon Logitech M705, in case the link doesn't work. The one I'm using now is starting to double click at random, and needs to be replaced. I'm just a casual gamer...
  6. Sparhawk

    Star Trek Discovery

    So, I've actually been interested in seeing this series... until I watched this trailer. Technology seems to be off for the timeline, none of the characters grabbed my attention, the the feel was "Oh, if we put Star Trek on it, they will pay to watch." One of the few times that a trailer has...
  7. Sparhawk

    [Brazelton] Erin Moran

    Erin Moran, Jonie of Happy Days dead at 56
  8. Sparhawk

    [Brazelton] Richard Hatch

    Richard Hatch, Apollo from the first Battlestar Galactica has passed away. Got to meet him a couple of times, very nice guy.
  9. Sparhawk

    [Announcement] Happy Birthday Cajungal!

    Happy Birthday to YOU! May your day be full of much happiness and the year ahead be filled with positive wonders. Plus, it's Friday, and well all know how much teachers of chillens love Fridays! :minionhappy::minionhappy::minionhappy: @Cajungal
  10. Sparhawk

    Checking on GasBandit

    Hey @GasBandit is everything okay with you? Saw that you guys had some really severe weather earlier and even a confirmed tornado.
  11. Sparhawk

    [Question] email notifications

    What has happened to the emails? Not getting notifications that new replies are in threads that I'm following. Started yesterday with a few not showing, and has now not sending any notifications at all.
  12. Sparhawk

    [Question] email notification

    Has something happened to the email notifications? I got the normal amount yesterday (5-7-13) ,but didn't get a single one today (5-8-13) even though there were new messages in about half of my watched threads.
  13. Sparhawk

    [Brazelton] Kriss Kross founder dead

    Only 34 years old, not sure of cause of death yet...
  14. Sparhawk

    [Announcement] Peter David

    Peter and his wife, Kath, have announced that Peter had a stroke while they were on vacation in Florida. Please keep them in your good thoughts, they're good people.
  15. Sparhawk

    [Movies] Iron Man 3 Panel Comicon (could be spoilers, your risk)

    Date for Iron Man 3 release is May 3, 2013. Ben Kingsley is playing the villain, some guy that wears a bunch of rings. The Mandarin. Thor 2 will be called Thor: The Dark World. (no date listed) Captain America 2 is called Captain America: The Winter Soldier, should be out April 4, 2014...
  16. Sparhawk

    [Brazelton] RIP Ernest Borgnine

    Passed away today at 95.
  17. Sparhawk

    [Brazelton] Goober Pyle dies

    George Lindsey died today. He was a very nice gentleman the one time I met him.
  18. Sparhawk

    [Brazelton] Joe Simon RIP

    Joe Simon, co-creator of Capt. America and countless other characters passed away.
  19. Sparhawk

    [NFL] Al Davis - Oakland Raiders

    Oakland Raiders website has a message up stating that Al Davis, the owner of the Raiders, has passed away at 82. Honestly, I thought the man was never going to die, that he might have some strange rejuvenation chamber that he used each off season, immediately after the draft.
  20. Sparhawk

    Campbell Confirms new Evil Dead movie

    Apparently Bruce Campbell confirmed a new Evil Dead movie today on Twitter Anyone else got any info?