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  1. LittleSin

    So, Projared, huh?

  2. LittleSin

    [Other] Oh That's Nice

    Today we play a game where we create scenarios meant to make you feel 'warm' or 'fuzzy'. Perhaps even illicit a few pleasurable goosebumps. You know, ASMR but with words. :P I shall start! Your in a shed or cabin. It's old. The wood is well worn but solid. Outside the wind is loud but not...
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    [Writing] Hel Writes

    So, I've been writing short stories and poems lately. Figured I'd show ya guys the ones I'm proudest of and (hopefully) get some feed back. I'll start with just the one for now. :) I wrote it after seeing a writing prompt on a blog. -- The sun was beating down on her mercilessly, making...
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    Lo! She arises!

    Sup bitches? Ya miss me? I missed you.
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    Hey guys. What's up and what's new?
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    More kid problems

    So...I fear I have gone wrong somewhere and I don't know how. Jet gets angry, really angry, when told no. He hits and scratches and throws things. I have bruises up and down my arms and he has just now clocked me in the face. He also hit the two month old baby with a glass coke bottle from the...
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    Words, words, words

    Post words you like! Any language welcome! kairos (KYE-ROSS): a perfect, delicate or crucial moment. A rightness of time and place that creates the best atmosphere to say or do something.
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    Who the f**k is Alice?

    She is. :) Alice Nancy Jaqueline Miller. Born June 18th at 7:38. 9 lbs 6oz 22 ins. Incredibly hard to breast feed!
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    Brain Storming/Writing Prompts

    Anyone up for a brain storming session? Maybe something where we can discuss ideas we've had and work through problems we're having? Or maybe you have an idea but you'd like to see how someone else would approach it through a little drabble?
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    So, the baby is still in a breech position and I'm about ready to pop. Today I'm meeting with my OB to discuss c-sections. Are there any questions I should ask? Concerns I should voice? I know she's experienced simply based on the fact that my appointments are in the afternoon or early...
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    For the love of God, help

    I know, strange to post this in the wake of my Epic Win but I've had enough. I literally just broke down in tears of frustration over this. Jet will be five in May. He starts kindergarten in September. He will not use a toilet or potty or anything. I feel like I have done everything...
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    Godzilla: KING OF MONSTERS

    But seriously. Is anyone else crazy excited for the new Godzilla movie. I was kind of in the 'well, that's cool' side of things until I heard that there will be other monsters for him to fight in it. He won't be treated as a misunderstood hero or undisputed villain but more of an anti-hero...
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    A Totally Biased History Thread

    I jokingly said that one day I should create a Newfoundland thread. Well, I am bored. So here it is. I'm hoping others wil include their state/country/whatever histories here. The Basics!: Province: Newfoundland and Labrador French: Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador Combined Area: 405,212...
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    What's up? I haven't been about for a while and there are all these threads. What have ya guys been at? What threads should I check out? HOW ARE YOU?
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    Netflix List?

    Long time no post! So, netflix has this list program now, right? It works for my buddy on his xbox but not for me on my ps3. I uninstalled/reinstalled the app. Still no change, no button prompt to add to the list. Any suggestions?
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    Favorite Sin-ism's

    I asked for something like this before...I apologize but my computer shat a brick and now I find myself needing your help again! I have told you guys many stories in the past. So many, in fact, that I can't remember them all. I've recently regaled you with Stories of Secret Poop and Under-aged...
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    Another Feb Thread

    Oh Boy. I'm late. Who didn't see that coming? I have been drawing every day though. My computer is in the shop. Oh well. Have some of the drawings I scanned up at my parents house last night. So...have some more Hetalia. America and Canada. It's weird. Husband said I should do Hetalia in...
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    Here's a Secret.

    I love you guys. Like, seriously. You're facebook love is amazing. WasabiPoptart pic that she posted just made me smile. I gotta ask though, love, how much porn did ya run into gettin' that thing? Cuz this fandom is not for the faint of heart. In short, happy birthday me!
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    LittleSin's AMA: Part Two!

    Fine. I'll jump on the band wagon! Ask me things!
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    Over sensitive or Slighted?

    Okay. I just picked up Jet from day care. The provider for his group came out to meet me. "We're having a lot of trouble with him. " She says. I'm a bit confused. I was talking with the other ladies and the day care owner just Wednesday and asked how he was doing. I was told they rarely had...