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  1. jwhouk

    [MLB] THE L-WORD (MLB Thread)

    That would be better than the actual intent of the title term.
  2. jwhouk

    Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

    Dude. You ran over elderly people and children. In what is arguably one of the MOST CONSERVATIVE cities in the state of Wisconsin. Be thankful that it was only the cop who shot at your car.
  3. jwhouk

    [MLB] THE L-WORD (MLB Thread)

    Thread Title Changed to Match Mood
  4. jwhouk

    Coronavirus Thread

    I had at least two, possibly three students on my morning routes out on the 10-day "suspension" list. Trying to tell my HS students they might want to wear masks = futility.
  5. jwhouk

    [Thread Game] #Whamageddon2021 - WHAM FREE DIE HARDER

    Dammit, I didn't even make it 24 hours! Car had SiriusXM. In their attempt to try to convince me to re-subscribed, they re-activated my radio for a couple of weeks, so I took advantage. I got out of work this afternoon, and at 2:45 PM I punched the button for Holly (the contemporary Christmas...
  6. jwhouk

    TIL: Today I Learned

    Yeah - usually it's just Arizona Time (PDT in the summer) and Mountain Time.
  7. jwhouk

    Coronavirus Thread

    Arizona. Where it started last time. Phoenix woman worries about new variant after traveling home from South Africa
  8. jwhouk

    TIL: Today I Learned

    Believe it or not, there are parts of Arizona that do observe Daylight Saving Time - mostly in the Navajo Nation. It can get a bit interesting if you're trying to get to someplace that's on NA land and it's closed because the hours are off.
  9. jwhouk

    Wanna do some 2021 Happy Dookmas stuff?

    The second book arrived. Robert (whoever you are on here): you hit a grand slam home run. I have been wanting this book for YEARS. ...and it shows, since it's about 20+ years out of date (lol).
  10. jwhouk

    NCAA Football Thread

    Final Score yesterday from Perkins Stadium: Whitewater 45, DePauw 0. Next victim opponent: Central College of Iowa on the 4th. Location TBD (but likely at Whitewater).
  11. jwhouk

    Wanna do some 2021 Happy Dookmas stuff?

    Not sure if the Amazon Doomies are done with Arizona or not...
  12. jwhouk

    [NHL] 2021-2022 NHL Season

    Witty counter reply.
  13. jwhouk

    The Tech Random Crap Thread

    You really shouldn’t pound your head on the keyboard like that.
  14. jwhouk

    [NHL] 2021-2022 NHL Season

  15. jwhouk

    What are you listening to II: Electric Bogaloo

    I seem to remember this big thing he did back in February of this year. Some place in Florida. Lot of big shots were there for some inexplicable reason. I also remember there was also some old dude in a red football jersey that everyone was talking about, too.
  16. jwhouk

    [Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2020 - WHAM HARDER

    And a completely different thread to boot.
  17. jwhouk

    Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

    So @Terrik - you going to go the Comfort Dental route for your own office?
  18. jwhouk

    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    ….but who made the dice?
  19. jwhouk

    Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

    I'm not going to say anything about the boots.