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  1. ElJuski

    You donks have a Discord server?

    Asking for a friend. Probably could have done a search though, huh? Too late now.
  2. ElJuski

    Magi-Nation Duel

    Recently started talking about my Magi-Nation Duel days with my students, and I got all hopped up on nostalgia. I managed to pick up some of the original set for pretty cheap, but all the other releases are looking pretty expensive and dire. Anybody know anybody, anywhere, anyhow to get some...
  3. ElJuski

    Well, then.

    So, how are we.
  4. ElJuski

    Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

    Mannnnnnnnnnnn I've been hella obsessed with this cute little game. Plants. Zombies. Food puns. I hate playing those "hardcore" multiplayer shooters, mainly because I suck at them, but this one hits the sweet spot. Nice to rev up with some of my friends back home and do some damage as a...
  5. ElJuski

    N64 working again

    MY ATTEMPT AT SUPER DUPER ORIGINAL CONTENT! LETS SEE HOW THIS GOOEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS I finally got the AV cables in the mail for my 64 (lost them sometime during the move) and boy am I happy I didn't junk my old 64 (or how bummed I am I gave my Genesis to my brother for my nephew when he gets...
  6. ElJuski

    The I Don't Care if You Just Had Sex Thread

    Bump every time you don't give a shit that somebody just had sex, because we're not fourteen anymore. *bump
  7. ElJuski

    Interviews. Juicy-views? Inter-juice? Interslice? Whatever.

    Hm, so another thought as to front-page stuff (still working on that pop culture stuff, don't worry). I know we've had a few different stabs at podcasts and interviews--Jay's, specifically--but I was wondering about trying to get some real interesting backslash insightful backslash in depth...
  8. ElJuski

    CONTEST: Summer Mix Contest (WIN A SHIRT Yayy)

    Hello cretins, El Juski here (or, "The Juice" to his peers and contemporaries). Recently I bought a random Wootshirt from the random Wootshirt day, and as it turns out, this shirt displeases me. That is to say it is not an exceptional shirt; the shirt is of quality, and would give all sorts...
  9. ElJuski

    [TV] Kent Brockman or Perd Hapley?

    Came on Facebook, thought I'd pose it here as well. Choose wisely, our friendship is at stake.
  10. ElJuski

    Yo somebody make me a cool Facebook Cover.

    And then we can be Facebook friends or something, too. But really, I wouldn't mind a Facebook Cover that looked crisp, nice, and maybe had that picture of Krusty all like "what the hell was that" in it.
  11. ElJuski

    [Brazelton] Adam Yauch, Beastie Boy.

    Cancer at 47. Bummer. Inb4 stupid Beastie Boy jokes and puns. Gonna chug a beer for the guy tonight.
  12. ElJuski

    [Music] Rep Your Hood

    Inspired by this great AVClub article that made me a little homesick Rep your city, kids! The article pretty much used the ones about Chicago I would use, but I'll report the vids anyway... and this one isn't about Chicago, but the band and the video are: ANNNND, for the...
  13. ElJuski

    How am I Going To Be A Better Poster Thread

    Here's my list: To stay out of new user introduction threads. They'll have their moment in the sun as witness to one of my delicious bon-mots. Actually, just stay out of threads where I would just flippin' ROAST that ish, To scour the internet for more Simpsons .gifs, because that's my thing...
  14. ElJuski

    This Rocks / This Sucks Thread

    Inspired by the conversation in the Funny Pictures thread, post a song you think rocks as well as a song you think sucks. Let the subjective fighting begin! ROCKS: SUCKS: ugh, fucking Godsmack.
  15. ElJuski

    Check Out School-Therapy Doodles

    During homeroom and times when the kids can handle doing work and not throw books at each other or otherwise be little brats, I bust out the crayons and get some doodles done. I've hung up most of these on my walls (and a few not pictures I've given to kids). They think I'm a fucking idiot, but...
  16. ElJuski

    Forum Villainy

    Charlie Don't Surf, Chippy, BananaHands ... I have a proposition. I believe it is time to unite ourselves under a common banner... The Society of Awesome Posters. United, we can lay judgment and condescension upon the lesser posters, scoff at whatever bullshit GasBandit is currently spewing...
  17. ElJuski

    [Music] Great Covers

    I'll kick it off with probably one of my absolute favorites, from last year's Undercover: fucking ridiculously good. Now your turn and go
  18. ElJuski

    In which ElJuski Answers Profound or Personal Questions

    I've got a half hour until I'm out for the night, but eventually I'll be back, and all day tomorrow I'll be hungover. So ask any questions you want, and I will answer them. You can make them personal, but remember, I will keep certain topics under wraps. You know, that whole education thing...
  19. ElJuski

    Gotham City Imposters

    Yo, had no idea this game existed. Bought it the other day and started playing it today. It's pretty fun! I mean, it's basically Battlefield but with bat mens and joker mens.
  20. ElJuski

    CPAC Craigslist Gay Sex Ads the hypocrisy is delicious. Bet these guys are rooting for some santorum, ehhh? EHHHH?