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  1. phil

    [Thread Game] #Whamageddon2021 - WHAM FREE DIE HARDER

    The one day. THE ONE DAY that I have to help out in a cafe and I'm already out 20 minutes after getting here.
  2. phil

    [Thread Game] #Whamageddon2021 - WHAM FREE DIE HARDER

    I ain't opening any links this year
  3. phil

    [Funny] Zap’s Online Dating Thread

    I always really liked it. The prompts for the "about me" sections were good for openers and getting a general read on the person. Seeing how they answered questions too helped a lot to get a sense of compatibility.
  4. phil

    The EPIC WIN Thread 3: SON OF EPIC

    My sister in law and her husband got to officially adopt their foster kids today!
  5. phil

    [Funny] I'm quitting smoking

    My wife has been using the patch with some decent success. She still smokes the occasional cig but it's been probably 2 weeks since we bought a pack.
  6. phil

    [Funny] Zap’s Online Dating Thread

    Me too!
  7. phil

    What do you do when you really need to fall asleep?

    Some ibuprofen, melatonin, and some rain sounds. My wife does podcasts or audiobooks. Loud enough to hear but not so loud that of they turn off the silence takes her by surprise. (this has been negotiated down from episodes of star trek or Xena at a normal listening volume) I've also started...
  8. phil

    Need some date night ideas

    The hell is a candle party?
  9. phil

    Need some date night ideas

    Wife and I did a painting thing I really enjoyed a few years back. The instructor kind of laid out the basics of a good painting then helped outline whatever the general subject of what you wanted to paint.
  10. phil

    [Movies] Talk about the last movie you saw 2: Electric Threadaloo

    Bill and Ted 3 I mean... Listen I'm just glad Keanu Reeves got to have some fun, you know?
  11. phil

    Official Goblins (comic) Thread

  12. phil

    [TV] Talk about the last TV you watched, the catchall thread

    Saw that squid game all the youngins been talking 'bout. Kinda fun. Spoiler for the ending
  13. phil

    [Brazelton] Norm Macdonald

    I'll always remember when Norm Macdonald was on celebrity millionaire. He got all the way to the last question, knew it was either A or B (or whatever) and was like 60/40 split in his mind. Regis talked him out of the answer he was leaning on and I got so mad when he ended up being right and...
  14. phil

    Pen & Paper Role Playing Games

    Critical Role just played a one shot that featured a hacked version of the game my friend from elementary school made! Reddit - criticalrole - [CR Media] The Nautilus Ark: A Johnson Corp Odyssey | One-Shot Live Discussion...
  15. phil

    [Movies] MCU: Phase 4: Variant Madness

    I dont think ages are expressed as much in those movies. Like in shang-chi we have a pretty concrete age for him while in those other movies their age is more vague. Like really outside of Tony Stark I assumed most marvel heroes were early 30s in their premier movie. I think it just bothered...
  16. phil

    [Movies] Talk about the last movie you saw 2: Electric Threadaloo

    Shang-chi I don't actually know how I feel about this one? Like the action was good and the actors and effects and all that stuff you come to expect from a marvel movie was there. But I guess since it's all been there since 2008 a lot of the magic is gone? So when the baseline of all that stuff...
  17. phil

    Coronavirus Thread

    Allegedly my brother in law visited his mother in the hospital and proudly proclaimed to my wife that "see? I'm fine!" The next day. Fuck it if he's so sure and already exposed himself maybe he can take over looking after his folks and my wife can quit risking things.
  18. phil

    Official Goblins (comic) Thread Ha! Oh good, I was worried Kore might not be powerful enough.
  19. phil

    Coronavirus Thread

    Keeping the dewormer here but not destroying it for now. If they come banging on my door they can fuckin' have it but until then I'm going to act like it doesn't exist. FIL is coming home today for some reason. Since MIL just went to the hospital a few hours ago and will most likely be there a...
  20. phil

    Coronavirus Thread

    MIL went to hospital today after hiding she'd been having a hard time breathing for the last week. Went in a few hours later to feed the dogs (masked up) and found this in there. I know she wasn't well enough to go to the tractor supply to get it herself so either A) AFLD sent it to her or B)...