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  1. phil

    Legit work from home?

    So I need to get a 2nd job. My job right now has me working 1 week on and 2 weeks off, so that makes it kind of hard for getting a 2nd part time job. I don't think a lot of places would be cool with me needing different schedules depending on the week. I'd also rather eat a bullet than get...
  2. phil

    Ask Phil most things

    Off topics: "Jesus Christ what are you doing with yourself?" Because what are you, my dad? "Are you sure Laverne & Shirley weren't detectives?" Because what are you, my wife?
  3. phil

    [Comics] Venom comics

    Hey y'all! My older brother is doing an adopt a family thing for Christmas and buying presents for a family of like 4. One of the kids, a 12 year old boy, asked for Venom Comics. My brother doesn't know anything about comics and asked for my opinion but Venom isn't really one I'm as familiar...
  4. phil

    Hey, a music video thread!

    Post some music videos that you like, why don'tcha? in before weapon of choice
  5. phil

    [PC Game] Heroes of the storm LFG thread

    Saturday? I got Saturday off. Most of you have real jobs right? So you can play Saturday? Saturday. maybe sunday? or like late friday night. hell maybe monday, look i'm flexible is all i'm saying. IT'S GONNA BE REAL FUN Y'ALL, GONNA GET THEM WOLF MOUNTS N' SHIT. laughingboy#1117...
  6. phil

    [Question] Ya ever gone to an esports thing?

    So Dreamhack is happening in Austin this next weekend. I'm thinking about going since tickets are only about 20 bucks for Friday (the only day I can go) and Austin isn't that far from where I live. I think it'd be fun to see some of my favorite games live n' stuff but I've never been to a big...
  7. phil

    So here's the deal

    You can relocate to anywhere on earth and any kind of house and you just own it outright. You'll get a cool million a year, no taxes or anything. You can take 10 people with you and immediate family doesn't count to the 10. The people can be anyone but their relationship with you is the same as...
  8. phil

    [Brazelton] David Bowie Damn, yo. :( Still though, better to celebrate the music than mourn the passing.
  9. phil

    Happy new year ya jerks!

    Didn't see any other threads for this but whatever! !!!! Glad I got some weird ass people in my life like you guys and gals. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I think this is my year! Whay about you? Oh thank god for predicted text!
  10. phil

    Your Tv power.

    What Tv trait would you take in real life? Perhaps you just order a beer at a bar and get exactly the kind you wanted. Perhaps you don't have to use the restroom 95% of the time, but the 5% that you do involves hearing secrets you weren't supposed to hear, or having a super bad (but funny to an...
  11. phil

    Give up Brees for Peterson?

    My brother wants to trade me RG3 and Andrian Peterson for Drew Brees and Maurice Jones-Drew. My initial reaction is no, but my friend said to go for it since a top RB is worth a lot and I can probably pick up a better QB later. This is only my 2nd year doing this though so another opinion is...
  12. phil

    [Writing] Writing project due and I could use some help.

    Hey everyone! So I'm taking a writing course (writing for Tv, Radio and Film) and my final project is due Thursday morning. It's 12 pages of a screenplay and a film proposal. The proposal part I'm not too worried about, but the screenplay itself has been giving me a case of writers block. I've...
  13. phil

    Steven Universe

    Saw this today when a friend posted it. I really like it. If you liked Adventure Time you'll probably like this. If you didn't like adventure time, you might still like this anyway. I dunno.
  14. phil

    I need a new avatar

    I'm bored and unimaginative. 1) Post suggestion. Must not need editing. 2) Safe for work/life 3) Most likes wins.
  15. phil

    Thread of feels

    Because reasons. and this last one is for those who trek themselves before they wreck themselves.
  16. phil

    Crash Course

    I did a quick search and didn't see this mentioned but I might have missed it. Anyway, it's worth mentioning again. So there are these two brothers who do a lot of vlogs with one another. At some point they decided to do a series of "crash courses" on various subjects. Right now they have...
  17. phil


    Had BBQ and a beer to keep the vengeful spirit of King George at bay for another year. Hopefully I can gather 'round yon fireworks later and say a prayer to keep the queen from eating the firstborn of each household. Constant vigilance!
  18. phil

    [Music] In which I will listen to any song you suggest I should listen to.

    I need some new jams. What should I be listening to? Plz no rebeka black/Afro circus/ whatever the new meme is kthnx.
  19. phil

    Interesting read on the difference between marvel and DC, when related to films. I thought this was neat. While I agree with what they're saying I'm not sure if that's what really is the contributing factor to Marvel movies being better than DC ones. If it were just as simple as...
  20. phil

    resources for becoming more handy

    Assume, if you will, that I have little knowledge of things related to basic home repairs, carpentry, car repairs, plumbing or anything tool related beyond knowing that I share a name with a type of screwdriver. Things that would be considered basic DIY projects. Now assume, if it pleases...