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  1. Silver Jelly

    [Question] Do you know where to find Hotel 616 and Asylum 626?

    I'm very interested in playing the doritos' halloween themed flash advergames "hotel 626" and "asylum 626", but they are not anymore on the official website and I'm having no luck finding a mirror anywhere. Do you guys have any ideas on when I could find them?
  2. Silver Jelly

    [Question] Is it possible to know the hits a website has recieved during a certain period?

    Preparing a book about advergaming, I find myself unable to find information about Robot Unicorn Attack other that its uninterrupted success is a key element in the success of*, at least up to 2011 (I have not newer or older data), and the obvious simptoms of success in that it...
  3. Silver Jelly

    [PC Game] What Half-Life should I buy?

    If I wanted to get into Half-Life... what games should I buy? Half-life, of course... but what about Half-Life: blue shift? Or Half Life: Opposing Force? What do I need to blay before buying Half-Life 2? (Would you recommend I buy some Steam game packs?)
  4. Silver Jelly

    [Drawing] February Jelly

    You may have seen my february doodles in my doodle thread. Awful. So I decided to do this right, buy a notebook and do some doodling every day to try and draw better, not just to doodle while I'm doing boring stuff. I still have no scanner though. TODAY'S ENTRY: Can you tell wich style...
  5. Silver Jelly

    [Question] Online resources for research?

    Dear Halforums, while I have been relatively absent these last weeks, I come back to ask for help! For job reasons, I need to see how do websites for researchers work, to share my findings with several coworkers I'm working on a project with. What I see, though, is that we are all analysing...
  6. Silver Jelly

    [Question] help translating

    At work, I translated this abstract for an article, but I think some sentences sound funny and probably some of it's english is not correct. Would you mind giving it a look and telling me what doesn't work? Thank you all! Added at: 13:40 Oh, it has even kept the pink parts from the word file...
  7. Silver Jelly

    [Drawing] Silver Doodles

    Since I have a smartphone, I sometimes take pictures of the doodles I do while working or surfing the web. I thought I could share them with you.
  8. Silver Jelly

    Terrible music I can't stop listening

    Does this also happen to you? You keep listening to music you don't really like but, for some reason, feels confortable?
  9. Silver Jelly

    Jelly Pictures

    You know people who buy an expensive camera and start pretending they are photographers? Well, this happenned to me, except instead of an expensive camera, I got a... phone that can take pictures. The fact I have a camera with me at all time, and my wish to learn how to take better pictures...
  10. Silver Jelly

    Looking for Artist

    A friend of mine is looking for an artist for a project of his wich has something to do with his Master's classes. He needs somebody to draw "a zombie B movie style poster". If anybody feels he can help this friend of mine, tell me something and I'll put you in contact! Thanks!
  11. Silver Jelly

    Silver Jelly's art post!

    Here it is! Pre-february pic:
  12. Silver Jelly

    Batman with your eyes closed

    As a big fan of drawing stuff with my eyes closed to see the weird results, I saw today this little game that was based around drawing the Dark Knight himself without looking at the paper. I say we do this and see the wacky results! My (ms paint) Batman is as follows: It turned out pretty...
  13. Silver Jelly

    Spoony question

    I recall a review (or a review's commentary) by Spoony in wich he explained how he generally structured his reviews. I don't think his ideas were revolutionary, but as I'm getting into this "video reviewing world", I would like to re-hear it... except I can't remember what video that explanation...
  14. Silver Jelly

    Route 66, a friend of mine and a Halforumite.

    Do you remember I've talked sometimes about a girl we called "the cosplayer girl"? I just got an e-mail from her asking me if any of my friends from "my forum" is an american that would want to do a road trip through route 66 with her this summer. Because she decided the next trip she'll do...
  15. Silver Jelly

    90's party!

    I have a nineties (1990, not 1900) costume party this saturday, and while I have some ideas about the clothing I'll wear, I'd like to hear some of your ideas. My plan is to wear a backwards baseball hat, shave my beard into a goatee, wear some high jeans, nike sneakers, and an open, large...
  16. Silver Jelly

    Influence map thing

    Reading Hark a Vagrant I found out about this thing Hark! A Vagrant - Meme - Influence Map and it got me thinking. I'm no professional artist by far, but I've been drawing all my life... What are my main influences as an artist? I found a template in Deviantart, and I'll probably fill it up...
  17. Silver Jelly

    Forumon creature showcase!

    Let's see what monsters you have made with this new game we are testing! my first creature was a golem called Sijay. It's my kind of monster: A rocky tough strong and dumb creature. Then, with the update, I decided to experiment a bit with the possibilities of one kind of creature...
  18. Silver Jelly

    Sex ruins friendship?

    Talking with friends (or hearing them talking) about how sex between friends affect friendships, I've heard them defend vehemently the position that sex is terrible for friendships, tears friendships apart and even that the sexual tension between two friends that feel attacted can be the glue...
  19. Silver Jelly

    This girl 2. Not illustrated this time.

    Dear Dave, Jay and Halforums in general, You may remember that post I made about that girl that was all up ons but then it seemed like she wasnt. I need, to finally end this, to tell her I have liked her and have her plainly tell me she doesn't like me (or maybe, as that little part of me...
  20. Silver Jelly

    Show your first and last tagged pictures on Facebook!

    This thread is a spinoff of the New Pictures thread... in wich you post the first and the most recent pictures you've been taggen on on facebook! First: A picture of my graduation party, back in 2008, when I finished Journalism. That's me and a friend from my class, celebrating. That...