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  1. Hailey Knight

    New laptop, hate Microsoft

    My laptop from 2016 is dying slowly, so it was time. Now I'm finding my product key for Office from Windows 7 is no longer supported and all the new versions are online only. Could I just copy my installation folders from my old computer onto the new one? Barring that not working, is there...
  2. Hailey Knight

    I hate Windows 10

    I purposely don't update, do everything to stop updates. This morning, it said "YOU MUST" essentially. I let it happen, hated everything it changed, and so set it back to the previous version. I thought that would be enough. But now it's giving me the same message as this morning. So it's...
  3. Hailey Knight

    Talking to Family

    Family can be such a pain, am I right? Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. I feel like I'm always at odds with my family. They're split into various groups: most of my mom's side, my dad and stepmom, my sister's family, my stepdad's family, my aunt and her wife and kids, my aunt's wife's...
  4. Hailey Knight

    We Bought a Home AAHHHHH

    Check here if you want to see how little Julie and I know about leaving a rental and owning our own place. First up: does anyone know what this thing in the bathtub is called?
  5. Hailey Knight

    Cover art done, next step

    I'm getting ready to release a 99 cent ebook novella and while most of the work for that is done, one last but crucial detail is the cover art. Julie is going to paint it, because she is wonderful and talented (AND generous). She's already painted a gorgeous cover for another project that I...
  6. Hailey Knight

    U.S. Census

    Has anyone else received a census notification in the mail? Julie's online filling ours out and they're getting a little invasive. Like, asking what time we left for work on a particular day, as an example. Is this normal? It says our response is required by law.
  7. Hailey Knight

    Getting rid of old laptops

    Now that we're seriously looking to move, I don't want all the tech junk in our closet to move with us. We have six laptops in varying states of disuse. I've formatted the hard drives I could access, but others aren't functioning. How do I dispose of these in a way that's A. Not wasteful...
  8. Hailey Knight

    [Writing] Query

    Would anyone like to read a brief (about 200 words) query letter I've put together for my most recent novel? It's what I'm calling my minimalist query in that it A. only focuses on stuff that happens before page 1, and B. doesn't get into too much plot and character, but focuses mainly on...
  9. Hailey Knight


    The fact that I'm dreading doing this tells me how necessary it is. I am miserly with personal information, to the point that I get apprehensive even sharing music with my wife, who knows me better than anyone. My therapist suggested it would be healthy to open up to people more, and forcing...
  10. Hailey Knight

    [Movies] 31 Days of Halloween

    UPDATED Oct 27 This year I'm going to try (and fail) to watch 31 horror movies leading up to Halloween. For the sake of even making a close call, I'm counting the four I watched last weekend, but even then I doubt I'll manage. Still, I'm going to try! So far It Follows Trick 'r Treat It...
  11. Hailey Knight

    [Comics] Dark Nights: Metal (DC Comics event)

    Recently, DC Comics released "Dark Days: The Forge," one of the prelude issues to their next event that begins in August, Dark Nights: Metal. A few of us here have read The Forge. It's clearly setting up a mystery, not just across the DC universe, but the DC multiverse, as different characters...
  12. Hailey Knight

    [Comics] Secret Empire (Hydra cap spoilers)

    Decided to just make a new thread; I'd rather talk about other shit in the other thread anyway and since this will be the last big Marvel event for eighteen months if Marvel is to be believed (hahaha), I'm gonna post my thoughts this way. This is pretty much the only neutral zone I have to talk...
  13. Hailey Knight

    [Movies] MonsterVerse (Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island)

    Since this is a passion of mine, I might as well start what's sure to be the Most Popular Thread on Halforums. Legendary has dubbed their new shared universe as the MonsterVerse, which so far will include the films: Godzilla (2014) Kong: Skull Island (2017) Godzilla: King of the Monsters...
  14. Hailey Knight

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Welcome to the Nintendo Switch thread! If you have a Switch, post your friend code in a reply and I'll add it to the list. @ me will make it happen faster. Halforums friend codes: Dei - SW-0001-1830-2164 Far - SW-5375-6250-7816 Covar - SW-1688-0964-0686 Hailey Zero Mission - SW-6991-2406-3602...
  15. Hailey Knight

    [Gaming] So ... best/worst games of 2016?

    I can't say if this was a standout or disappointing year for most becauseI just didn't play much of the new stuff. If I made a personal top 5 list, it would consist of most of the games I played long enough to have a fair opinion of (versus stuff like Far Cry: Primal which I only played for an...
  16. Hailey Knight

    [Brazelton] 2016 itself

    2016 is finally dead. I know we're supposed to stay moderately respectful in these threads, but I don't think anyone's going to miss this fuck of a year. So, good riddance.
  17. Hailey Knight

    [Gaming] 2017 Games (PC, Console, Handheld, WE WELCOME ALL GAMES))

    Because I'm not letting Jay split the threads this year, hoo hah! What we all looking forward to next year? Probably a bunch of stuff that got delayed from this year, for starters, but also things that were destined for 2017 in the first place. Some of mine ... Persona 5 This is not the...
  18. Hailey Knight

    "Wrong" vs "Censorship"

    Loss of citizenship or a year in jail is equal to hitting the disagree button on Halforums? Someone telling you you're wrong isn't censorship. Someone telling you you're an asshole for what you say isn't censorship. Legal repercussions is censorship.
  19. Hailey Knight

    [Movies] It's Halloween month!

    Time to watch horror, because you can't the rest of the year ;). I'm psyched for the new Godzilla movie next week, but in the meantime, I saw AVGN's final Monster Madness is doing lists on Tuesdays This really makes me want to watch some of the old horror movies. I think I was too young...