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  1. drifter

    Learning a new instrument. 4 lessons. Don't judge ;)

    Hey, that's not bad for four lessons!
  2. drifter

    Did someone order tacos?

    Yeah, that's kind of a dick move. You don't tell an out-of-towner you're having Chicago pizza and not get deep dish. Tavern style is just called pizza. Weird that the cheese layer was so thin, though. Honestly I'm not a big fan of that style, but that's mostly because all the little squares...
  3. drifter

    How do you go about choosing a new smartphone?

    At that price point, I'd go for the best used phone I can get on Swappa that has decent battery health.
  4. drifter

    Did someone order tacos?

  5. drifter

    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    Maybe it's just me, but whenever I see Matt Gaetz's face it always makes me think of Bruce Campbell in Escape from LA. Dude just doesn't look right.
  6. drifter


    Have you tried Squirrel Nut Butter or Chamois Butt'r? Though I think it's hard to beat plain old vaseline in terms of effectiveness.
  7. drifter

    Former President Trump Thread

    Police car looks like an 80s Camaro. Those kind of cars are usually from confiscations and are often used for community event-type stuff, no?
  8. drifter

    [Movies] MCU: Phase 4: Variant Madness

    Big Trouble in Little China remake. Come on Hollywood, you love doing that shit!
  9. drifter

    [Movies] Talk about the last movie you saw 2: Electric Threadaloo

    I wasn't a huge fan of the Jane one either, though I agree it was better. There were some little things that bothered me, some of the interactions between Frank and the widow/child rang hollow for me, but the biggest thing was the way Loony Bin Jim talked. Really got on my nerves. And I just...
  10. drifter

    [Movies] Talk about the last movie you saw 2: Electric Threadaloo

    I got around to watching Punisher: War Zone last night. Man, that was disappointing.
  11. drifter

    Well, I'm back...

    I slammed my pinkie toe against a newel post, and it's been swollen for the past month or so. I think I might need to go see a doctor about it, we'll see.
  12. drifter

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    Looks like grocery store sushi, it's already an abomination. The ranch is probably the least worst thing on that table.
  13. drifter

    Whine like a baby, now with 500% more drama!

    If you don't mind looking a little goofy, get a sun umbrella. Heck, even a regular umbrella
  14. drifter

    Is income inequality unjust, and if so, where is the injustice?

    On one hand, the proposed ordinance is clearly aimed at chop shops. This shouldn't (ha) affect the unhoused with a single bike. That said, it's been pointed out that it's outlawing something that's effectively already illegal. Not much upside, more potential downsides. I'd like to read the...
  15. drifter

    The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)

    He takes "handmade" very seriously.
  16. drifter

    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    Difference might not be as big as you'd think.
  17. drifter

    [Rant] Tech Whine Like a baby thread

    Yeah, probably easier and cheaper to just have a second pair on standby
  18. drifter

    [Rant] Tech Whine Like a baby thread

    Might take a look at the SoundPeats Sonic. Haven't tried'em, but have read generally good things about the brand. Advertised as 15 hrs playtime per charge, around $50.
  19. drifter

    [Other] The not so funny pic thread (some NSFL or gore)

    Hmmm, I’ma keep #10 in mind for my next avatar