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  1. drifter

    [Brazelton] Mark Lanegan passes away at 57 Frontman for the Screaming Trees, also did a bunch of solo and other group projects. I mostly knew him from his work with Queens of the Stone Age. Apparently he had a pretty bad bout with Covid, kinda wonder if that...
  2. drifter

    [Brazelton] RIP Gene Wolfe
  3. drifter

    [Brazelton] King of the Surf Guitar passes away at 81

    RIP Dick Dale :(
  4. drifter

    [Question] Car problem: won't start

    Some background problems which may or may not lead to my current problem: 1. A while back the mechanic told me my valve cover gasket was leaking and would eventually need to be replaced. Told me he would just replace the spark plugs for now and to change the gasket later (this was 2-3 months...
  5. drifter

    [Question] Electrical wiring

    Not exactly tech talk, but: I'm building a bookcase, and turns out it's going to cover a floor outlet. So I'm thinking of taking an extension cord, cutting off the female end and wiring it to an outlet (with plastic outlet box) which will be attached to hollow bottom of the bookcase. I've...
  6. drifter

    [Question] Looking for a cheap bike

    Hey, so I'm looking for a bike. Unfortunately, I know nothing about bikes. I'd like to get something fairly decent, but cheap. I know you get what you pay for, but I'd really prefer not to spend too much money on a bike, since I'm not planning on using it a lot. Mostly just for when I'm...
  7. drifter

    [Question] Need Wi-fi troubleshooting help

    Hey, my dad is having trouble with his WiFi. Apparently modem works fine, the router works fine (he can use Wifi through his phone) but his computer can't connect to the router. I've included a screenshot of what he sent me. Any idea what the problem might be? Thus far googling hasn't helped.
  8. drifter

    [NFL] FFL advice; I needs it.

    Hey, I'm looking to trade draft picks for either Chris Ivory or Ahmad Bradshaw from a guy who's already thrown in the towel. I'm mostly looking at Ivory, but I honestly have no idea what to offer. Does a 6th and Matt Asiata sound reasonable? I don't want to offend by lowballing. By the way, this...
  9. drifter

    [Question] How important is authorial intent?

    I was reading Kags' long reply to Necronic, and it got me to thinking about the importance of authorial intent. I was going to post in that thread, but I decided mixing this question with the topic of sexism would just confuse the issue, so here it is. Thoughts?
  10. drifter

    [Question] Do you recognize the Marvel character I'm describing?

    So, I saw the alternate logo for the Denver Broncos, which looks like this: It jostled loose a memory of a minor creature from the Marvel universe. Looked very similar, except no mane/tail, a more beakish nose, and clawed hands instead of hooves. Also, silver skin. I think there were two...
  11. drifter

    [Music] Musician Bundle: Pay-what-you-want package for guitarists/musicians

    I know we've got some guitarists/musicians here, I thought this might be of interest. The Musician Bundle. I'm just gonna copy the description from where I found it: Another thing to note: no PayPal option.
  12. drifter

    [Bug] Problem with tagging users?

    I got tagged by Zappit, but didn't get an alert. Double-checked my preferences to make sure I didn't disable that option.
  13. drifter

    [Question] How long are your fingers?

    So I came upon the notion that guitarists have longer fingers on their fretting hand versus their strumming hand. Sure enough, each finger on my left are about 1/8" longer than the ones on my right. Still, this may not necessarily be a guitarist thing. Just curious if anyone else has differing...
  14. drifter

    [Request] Hover text

    When sorting by What's New, if you hover over the thread, you get a preview of the text in the first post. I was wondering if it would be possible to change the preview to text from the last post? Tapatalk does this, and while it makes sense to show the initial premise for the thread, I have...
  15. drifter

    [Music] The Humble Music Bundle

    Christopher Tin - Calling All Dawns They Might Be Giants - Album Raises New and Troubling Questions Jonathan Coulton - Jonathan Coulton's Greatest Hit (Plus Thirteen Other Songs) MC Frontalot - Favoritism Hitoshi Sakimoto - Best of the Valkyria Chronicles OK Go - Twelve Remixes of Four Songs...
  16. drifter

    Figure Drawing tools

    Just ran across these, thought other people might like them as well. If you've never done gesture drawings, this looks likes a great way to start.
  17. drifter

    Keeper league help

    The last couple years I haven't really kept a close eye on football, especially with regards to the draft. Also, it being a keeper league, the best talent is usually already locked up. So, any advice for potential sleepers? Also, I seriously have no idea about any of the rookies. Any of them...
  18. drifter

    Drifter's Occasional Art Thread

    I'm prolly not doing the draw-every-day thing, but something Allen said resonated, so here's the sketch that popped into my head. Interestingly, I just checked Allen's thread again, and we came up with roughly the same color schemes independently. Huh.
  19. drifter

    Chinese translation question

    Hopefully Terrik or mr_thehun or someone similarly knowledgeable will chime in. Would Long Feiting be an acceptable English translation for Dragon Skyboat?