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    [Announcement] Happy Birthday HCGLNS!

    Happy birthday Happy birthday What a great day for your birthday Bok bok bok!
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    [Question] Adjustable bed?

    Hi was wondering if anyone here has an adjustable bed. If so, what frame and mattress are you using and how do you like them? I’m looking into getting us one soon as my neck and SI are a mess and sleeping flat are tough.
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    [Announcement] Happy birthday HCGLNS

    Happy birthday!!!! Hot dogs and beer are waiting!
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    [Question] Ragdoll kittens and breeders in general

    Hi :) Does anyone here have or have had a Ragdoll kitten? Or do any of you have experience with Breeders? We are looking to add to our cat family and are looking for any advice, especially questions we should be asking the breeder. So far, I have asked about whether the breed would be a good...
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    [Console] Animal Crossing: Least Favourite Villager Poll

    Do you have any villagers that you’re hoping ask to move out soon Do you have any that creep you out? Have any of your villagers given you weird gifts? Feel free to add options on the poll or I will add them if that doesn’t work :)
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    [News] Happy Birthday HCGLNS

    Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!
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    [Question] Neck pillow

    As many of you know, I have pretty severe arthritis and I’ve had many flares in my neck over the years. Something happened overnight to my neck and in addition to horrible pain it feels like I can hardly hold it up. I wear a pain patch and have meds, but I’m looking for a pillow to support...
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    [MMO] Final Fantasy XIV (we get to be cats!)

    I am happy to have our own thread :) So, on the subject of gardening, is an 8 plot garden different from a flower pot? Other than seed hybrids, can it grow the same capacity? Or is a flower pot just one plot?
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    [Question] Ontario WSIB

    Has anyone claimed WSIB under Ontario or have any experience with their program?
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    [Gaming] XBox One Fun - need a game suggestion

    I’m looking for some suggestions please. What would be a fun XBox One game to play in a kids birthday party tournament? We’re looking to book a video game birthday party for our daughter and the games offered by the theatre are all NHL Hockey and Call of Duty.
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    [Handheld] Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon - Friend Codes and Battle Agency

    Hi everyone, Is anyone else playing Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? I started over the holidays and am slowly making my way through. I was wondering if anyone had started with the Battle Agency and wanted to exchange friend codes please? A new Global Mission (related to this) is starting...
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    [Handheld] Gameboy Advance SP

    Who here had a Gameboy Advance SP? I’m looking to buy one and I found a guy on EBay with tons of them that he’s refurbished and they all appear to be in great shape. Other than playing in complete darkness would I really need the backlit one? It’s quite a bit more expensive.
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    [Handheld] 3DS Friend Codes

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their 3DS friend codes with me so I could set up a list of Halforums friend codes for trading, friend safaris and things unrelated to Pokemon? I checked the main list but it didn't seem to have 3DS codes on it.
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    [Question] What markers do you use?

    I love my coloured pencils, but have been wanting to branch out and try something a little bit different for when I draw Pokemon or Ninja Turtles as I will be soon for my nephews. I know very little about markers other than that I love their look. Do any of you use them for your work and if...
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    [Question] Which MacBooks can be upgraded?

    I am considering buying a MacBook and I have found an excellent deal on one on clearance. If it had more memory, I would have bought it yesterday and ran out of the store with it yesterday laughing. I wasn't sure if it would run one of the programs that claims to "run best" with 16G so I came...
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    [Drawing] Squidleypics in Coloured Pencil

    I just looked back at my previous drawing thread and its pretty bad so I decided to start a new one for coloured pencil only. Here is my finished Butterfly done in coloured pencils only:
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    [Question] Food Aversions

    hi everyone!! I've been having some issues with appetite and food lately which concerns me because I just started a new medication that could make it worse. My stomach got trashed last year by a very strong anti-inflammatory and I see the surgeon next month. My stomach is bleeding and is very...
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    [Handheld] Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Who all is playing? Anyone else hunting shiny Pokemon? Has anyone finished the main story line?
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    [Drawing] Squidleypics

    I've started drawing while I've been off work. I can't get out to take photo walks at the moment, so I'm trying to fill my creative needs with this. Here is tonight's project before shading
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    [News] Happy Birthday HCGLNS!!

    Happy Birthday @HCGLNS !!