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  1. Andi

    Well, how to put this...

    What to do if you just can't put down your daily cigarettes and beer? (Not harming other people but me...)
  2. Andi

    The future is now: 3D-gaming in good quality finally affordable... kind off...

    Hi guys. I can't believe there isn't allready a thread about 3D-Gaming... Has anybody allready tried the Nvidia 3d-Vision technology? I'll buy a new pc rig in the next months, and I will have a nvidia-setup in order to enjoy full flicker-free...
  3. Andi

    Assassins Creed II

    Nobody hyped about the upcoming Assassins Creed II? It's predecessor was a blast graphic-wise, but gameplay was repetitive and boring after a while. Now, part two on the other hand seems to amend part ones mistakes and if the game can keep up to what is promised in the "developer diaries", it...
  4. Andi

    If I were Shego, you could ask me anything

    Hooookay... I know I forfeit my life as a completely equipped male human being with the creation of this thread... But go on, imagine that I would be Shego and I would answer your every question. *gets into the shego-state* (now, seriously, what AM I doing here?)
  5. Andi

    Ask me anything: swiss edition/chocolate not included

    Okay okay, I admit... I'm not immune to peer pressure and now I'm willing to answer your questions... *sighs and runs off to the corner to cry a little*
  6. Andi

    Not giving in into peer pressure...

    Don't ask...
  7. Andi

    Forza Motorsport 3

    Now with Forza 3 for Xbox 360 on the horizon, does anybody know whether there will be a bundle with Forza 3 and a steering wheel released soon?
  8. Andi

    The Recipe Thread - Cooking ahoy!

    Hylians thread about pizza gave me the idea to create a thread which is solely for the sake of posting your favourite recipes. I'll make a start with a recipe for homemade pizza. I'll use the metric system for the amount of the ingredients you'll need. For 4 Persons (moderate eaters), you'll...
  9. Andi

    What's the fun in playing other people?

    While watching firefly, especialy the episode "trash", the idea to this thread came me. And this poll. Playing other people, i.e. manipulating them after ones own sinister wishes... What's the fun in that? As witnessed in one of the occasional flame threads, this "playing others" is practiced...
  10. Andi

    Nothing to see here, please go away

    Wait, what?
  11. Andi

    Firefly - why did FOX kill this masterpiece in such an untimely fashion?

    The girlfriend and I are just watching Firefly. Me for the 3rd time, she enjoys the series the very first time. And she loves it. And the question rose again: Why did those faithless basterds of aliance scum at FOX cancle this jewel amongst TV-Shows? Why did they such a cruel thing to us, who...
  12. Andi

    Maybe, just maybe, NSFW shameless crossreferencing is shameless crossreferencing