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  1. Math242

    The I'm Drunk/Wasted/High thread part too drunk to count

    i haven't posed here in like 2 years even though i've been reading the games section every other day. What made me come back ? i'm in love and drunk as hell and that SHIT DON'T MIX edit: yeah, it actually would be nice if i was dating the girl i love and not one of her closest friends but...
  2. Math242

    [PC Game] The Walking Dead (game)

    this game is awesome but depressing
  3. Math242

    [MMO] SW:TOR free to play, and is terrible

    i loved the game in the beginning. it could have been great. Fuck you EA
  4. Math242

    What are you playing?

    i finished Walking dead about 5 minutes ago. I feel like shit yet i'm convinced this might be my favourite game ever
  5. Math242

    [Question] Greatest Video Game of All Time

    Baldur's Gate 2 + mods
  6. Math242

    EVE Online

    I just resubbed. had stopped like everybody else. As usual, i want to love EVE but i just can't find a decent corp in EU TZ.
  7. Math242

    EVE Online

    Hey there Straker! Glad to see you're back playing even tho we'll never see each other due to the Time zones :D
  8. Math242

    EVE Online

    it's Rakim Ojeda. Thanks Man
  9. Math242

    EVE Online

    Necro, since you're so filthy rich, i'd like to take up your offer of financial help. Fitting 2 BS, 2 inties and soon 1 assault frig is god damn expensive Thanks in advance ;)
  10. Math242

    EVE Online

    I resubbed for 3 months yesterday... Ok, my harbinger owns. Game looks fantastic I have no idea what to do
  11. Math242

    [Gaming] Elder Scrolls 5 - Dawnguard is HERE!

  12. Math242

    [Gaming] Elder Scrolls 5 - Dawnguard is HERE!

  13. Math242

    [Gaming] Elder Scrolls 5 - Dawnguard is HERE!

    1H30. Oh boy, not gonna sleep tonight
  14. Math242

    "What are you reading?" thread.

    Terror by Dan Simmons. It's alright but i feel a bit let down
  15. Math242

    Official Goblins (comic) Thread

    well crap, Dies is awesome, i hope he'll find a way out of that.
  16. Math242

    What are you playing?

    I'm playing New Vegas and i am on my first playthrough. I bought it when it got released but i had played FO3 too much at that time. Damn, New Vegas is good. Reaaaaaaal good.
  17. Math242

    The Welter Weight Champion of the World Is....

    mayweather's a little bitch but a damn great boxer. news at 11
  18. Math242

    [Gaming] Dead Island : Awesomeness has arrived (shitty release though)

    i find it boring even tho i really try to like it. That's all there is to it. I'm not one to try and change what people think about the game because in the end, i don't give a damn.... I just find it bland.
  19. Math242

    [Gaming] Dead Island : Awesomeness has arrived (shitty release though)

    for what it's worth, i also agree with you. I've played around 5-6 hours and i've already moved on to another game