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  1. papachronos

    *sighs, turns over "DAYS SINCE LAST MASS SHOOTING IN AMERICA" sign to 0*

    I just read it as typical bad twitter grammar. They were trying to say “... was booked, into the Douglas County Youth Center, for terroristic threats”. I doubt there is an entire complex dedicated to this and this alone. Right? RIGHT?! Please be right.
  2. papachronos

    Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

    /unlurk To be fair, Cardale Jones actually went back to college and finished his degree, after he'd made bank in the NFL, when he had no need to do so. As I understand it, he originally tweeted that because he was having a bit of a tantrum after getting a B- on an exam that he thought he had...
  3. papachronos

    Sparhawk's wife's journey

    Red Devil - Doxorubicin/Adriamycin. That's a tough one - my best to your wife, and help her stay off her feet as much as possible (blisters are a common side effect). Don't be afraid to get a medical marijuana card (if you can - is that a thing in Texas?). Many of the patients I speak to - and I...
  4. papachronos

    Whine like a baby, now with 500% more drama!

    Okay, so I’m admittedly behind a week, but seeing this, I have to ask: Culver’s has green beans?
  5. papachronos

    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    Of course, that apparently doesn't mean much for some of us. I mean, the heat index is supposed to max out near 100F tomorrow where I live.
  6. papachronos

    [Rant] Minor Rant III: For a Few Hollers More

    I bet a polite and well-worded e-mail will either get you a refund or get a $55 credit applied toward the purchase of XF 2.0. I typically find most developers that are small enough to still have human interaction outside of a call center are pretty good about such things.
  7. papachronos

    [Food] Mmmm... Beer

    Michigan beer = best beer. My favorite everyday beer is probably Bell's Amber. Though while it's in season I prefer Oberon, their spring-summer unfiltered wheat ale. Favorite unicorn beer is probably No Rules by Perrin Brewing Company:
  8. papachronos

    My regional candy product is better than yours

    Hushpuppies with honey butter are practically candy. I'm going to Sunset Beach, NC in five days, which is next to Calabash, NC - the (self-styled) fried seafood capital of the world, and hushpuppy Mecca as far as I'm concerned. I've already packed my one-size-too-large pants to accommodate...
  9. papachronos

    [TV] The General Marvel TV/Streaming Thread

    And Hulu, for that matter.
  10. papachronos

    The Random Crap Thread 2: It Hits the Fan.

    You forgot 2 and it's bothering me much more than is reasonable.
  11. papachronos

    Halforum Minecraft Server

    Assuming you're on the square island south of spawn with the stone wall around it, I left you a couple cows. Hope I didn't ruin the fun of fetching them yourself. Also, I did some exploring and found a rather large village around -200, -150 and a witch hut near 350, 50 that borders an ocean...
  12. papachronos

    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    Pet peeve: annotations on images or videos that tell me what I should think about it.Second (related) pet peeve: blurry letterboxing on the sides of vertical videos. Thank you for decreasing the resolution of the original video while tripling the file size. Bonus points for those who watch said...
  13. papachronos

    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    Perhaps some might see it that way, but for me it isn't a religion. I see it as the best political philosophy, so I try my best to affect change in that direction. I know it isn't perfect, and that some concessions must be made for the sake of practicality. I also acknowledge that for pure...
  14. papachronos

    Former President Trump Thread

    The difference is one of psychology. In one case, you are paid your wages, and then you pay the government. Your work is the source of your livelihood, as well as he source of government funding. In the other, the government is paid your wages, and then the government pays you what's left. The...
  15. papachronos

    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    This seems more objectivist than libertarian. I'm a Christian and a libertarian, and I absolutely think I have a moral responsibility to those less fortunate. There may be a philosophical difference with modern liberals over how the most good is done (private charity vs government benefits), but...
  16. papachronos

    [NCAAB] 2015-16 NCAA Basketball Season (and 16-17)

    No, I totally believe you. WVU could definitely go all the way, as long as they don't trip over their own feet. Especially since (I don't think) Higgins and crew will be calling any games in the West region.
  17. papachronos

    [NCAAB] 2015-16 NCAA Basketball Season (and 16-17)

    I don't either - I see them losing to Gonzaga - but we can still be total homers about it, right?
  18. papachronos

    Rant VIII: The Reckoning

    I think some people just lose the genetic lottery when it comes to teeth. I'm 36, always been an obsessive brusher and flosser, and I've been battling my teeth rotting out of my head for half my life. Now it seems my kids are headed down the same path - my oldest (nine) has had five cavities...
  19. papachronos

    Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

    Or it's an aliasing artifact, like when you see helicopter rotors appear to stand still on video.
  20. papachronos

    Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

    As Kim Davis did? She didn't see the Obergefell ruling as just, so she disobeyed. By your logic, she was every bit as right as those who refuse to obey immigration law - or marijuana policy. To say otherwise is to get into Eriol's territory of "rule of those who agree." I think your statement...