[NHL] 2021-2022 NHL Season

Three things in life are certain:

The Buffalo Sabres will never get the #1 overall pick in the draft lottery.
Watching the Stars/Flames game tonight and being introduced to Leah Hextall doing play by play. I don’t like her style. I don’t like her voice. Especially didn’t like that she apparently was trying to eat her mike during the first couple of minutes of the game. When the play gets exciting her voice raises in octave and she becomes harder to understand. She also seems to favor trying to use too many words to describe the action and ends up being several seconds from what is currently happening on the ice. Really wish I had the option to chose a different play by play to listen to.
I have 2 theories: since we cut cable in our house and I can't watch any hockey, Leafs win the cup. And Leafs exit before the 2nd round, because fuck them thats why.
Well, the Leafs did the Leafs thing… need Florida to step up and knock off the in state rival. Tired of the Lightning.
Damn, Edmonton is making Dallas look like they were really Stanley Cup contenders. At the current pace of this game Calgary will have half the goals they totaled in the entire series against Dallas.