[MLB] 2023 Major League Baseball Season (MLB Thread)

New Season, New commissioner, New Ball... New RULES?!

EDIT: Changed the title to be a recurring thread.
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I talked shit about the Giants last year, and their season turned out okay (I guess), so I'll do it again.

The Giants are seriously fucked in their starting rotation, which used to be their strength. Sure, Bumgarner's great; he has been for years. But after that you've got a guy coming off major surgery (Cain), a guy who has to recapture former glory AGAIN (Peavy), a guy who just turned 40 (Hudson), and a guy with serious mental problems with his mechanics (Lincecum). So what do they do? Sign another older player who seems to be fading (Vogelsong).

Possible weird moment of the year: when the Cubs have opening day, and the bleachers are empty because they're still under construction.
I'm getting just a bit concerned that the Crew hasn't won a single game so far in Cactus League play.
In case you haven't heard, Will Ferrell is planning on playing for 10 different teams in the Cactus League today. The stunt is to raise awareness for cancer research and for those affected by cancer.

I'm kinda glad he didn't end up playing in a game involving the Brewers.
Why not cancel the game? or move it to a temporary location?
You can't cancel. Every team has to play 162 games in a year. As for moving it, I don't think they had any realistic options. They already moved the location for their weekend series with Tampa Bay.
Is it too early to start shooting pitchers? Our big upcoming pitcher from last year pulled a "Wild Thing" on us and came back for his second year completely stuck in his own head. He went from just blowing pitches by the batters to trying to throw 4 seamers, and sinkers, and curve balls, and such - and now he's almost completely useless. Case in point, tonight's game against the Padres. I turn the game on 18 minutes after it started and it should be over by that point, 4 - 0 Mariners in the bottom of the 1st with 1 out and 1 on. The Pads get out of the inning with their starting pitcher throwing just a few more than 20 pitches in the first (35). Second inning starts off looking good, get's a pop out, then a fly out, and then the wheels fall off. Walks the next 3 consecutive batters, loading the bases, and gets luckier than any man has a right to on the 4th batter, who pops out to short on a (4th consecutive) full count. Short of buying the douche a Harley and getting him to sleep with a hot young teacher, I really don't know what can be done for the poor fucker if he can't get out of his head sometime soon.
I'm having a hard time getting into this season. I just don't recognize any of the faces anymore and none of the new guys have really caught my attention. Oh, and A-Rod is back, so :puke:.
It's May, Cheesy. It's May.

(At least, that's what I have to keep telling myself every time I see the NL Central standings... :( )
Will Smith (the Brewers reliever, not the Fresh Prince of Bel Air) for allegedly applying a foreign substance to the ball.

He is not happy about it.
I will not get my hopes up.

17 inning win one day and a 1-0 heart-palpatation-inducing win the next, and I will NOT get my hopes up.

We are still in the cellar.