3d printing

cute :)
It's not for me, though. And it's not saleable due to it's non-commercial license on printables (which I'm not sure holds much legal weight as pertains to selling prints of legally acquired designs--otherwise companies like Shapeways would have been taken down long ago) and the fact that Transformers is trademarked IP.
My most ambitious print yet...about 54 hours total estimated to completion. Still got about 9 to go. Hopefully it will look pretty nice one all the support structures are carefully removed.


(For those who don't know, this is a Sleep Token Vessel mask. I'd never heard of them before getting this commission, but evidently they're a band that's become recently popular on the TikToks and the like)
May I ask why it was printed right-side up? Just to keep from having to post-process so much of the dome?

May I ask why it was printed right-side up? Just to keep from having to post-process so much of the dome?

yup...upside down is often suggested if you're going to sand and paint, but as I was multi-color printing upon request, with minimal post-processing, I preferred the top be as blemish free as possible.
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I vend at local popup markets. 3d printing fidget animals and stuff. People have told me I should sell more 3d printed weapons (I do a couple of very blunt swords). I've specifically been asked to make balisongs. This is why I refuse.

(trigger warning: Already dead chicken murder)

I've learned a lot since October. The designer of these dragons specifically say that if you print them lower than about 60% scale, the joints will fuse.

I present to you: A dragon made at about 25% scale, with a jump ring thru the snout so it can be an earring! This is just a prototype--someone asked me if I could do it. I suppose the answer is "yes" :D I'll be making them a couple in color.

Did your post cut out or is there something called "impregnated pla"?
"wood fiber impregnated pla"

From Dictionary.com

Though admittedly the phrasing is mine. Most places call it a wood-pla composite, or call it an "additive" or call it "infused". But it's a valid use of the word ;)
It didn't occur to me that Dave might not know what PLA was, and that maybe I didn't get cut off trying to type "plastic" or something
I don't know if this is a good deal or not, but Humble 3D Beastmasters Compendium with $1, $15 and $25 bundles of files for printing tabletop minis.
it looks good..but I haven't really looked into making minis aside from a couple of experiments. The local gaming store has a resin guy who does them, and I don't have enough personal need for them to spend a lot of time on it.

But I *did* make this bit of art yesterday while my printers have a little downtime...spoilered because art is often nudez