A.I. is B.S.


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I mean, -that- thread is the only one I've ever hidden, though I still have to click mark all as read every now and then to make it stop showing as there being a phantom new post
Thing is, too, I barely ever post anything in that thread, because it'd be a pheomelaninic flood if I actually did. I sequester all my efforts to a website that anybody who would care already has the URL.
I post images I find amusing in that thread.

Basically, I'm still playing with the AI porn generator for amusement, not for titillation. If I want titillation I have plenty of traditional sources of imagery. They work better for that.
apparently so lifelike that Microsoft has no plans to grant access to the public.
(link to page with examples)

"I don't believe you drew that, show me the timelapse of you drawing it to prove you drew it."
"Ok here you go."
PaintsUndo: An A.I. which takes an input image and generates a reasonable facsimile of a timelapse of that drawing being created.