After years of holding off, I got my first smart phone.

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I heard it does calls too! :rimshot:

First thing my wife says when she gets home, "Wow, it's huge!", first thing I say in response, "That's what she said".
My husband and I got the Galaxy S3 a few months ago. We both made that face, and sometimes still do, while playing around with the phones.
I got my Galaxy S2 around the time the S3 came out, which meant a price drop in the S2. No real complaints with it so far, it's worked like a gem.

That is, apart from its tendency to be unable to tell when I'm plugging in or pulling out the headphones. The phone comes with a feature where it will start to play music automatically if you plug in headphones. Except sometimes it starts playing music automatically when you remove the headphones, which results in music blaring out the phone's speaker.

This happened to me at work, and I had to shut the music off as fast as I could, and then pretend it was my ringtone by talking into the phone, "Hello? Yeah, I'm at work right now, can't talk. Bye."
Agh, the Note 2 is the only other phone I'd consider getting instead of the Nexus 4, but I just WANT. THAT. NEXUS. SO. BAD.

Fucking Google won't ship it internationally and it hasn't been released here yet, even though it'll cost like 800 bucks instead of the 400 it is in the US. Fuckers. I might ask one of you guys to receive it for me on an US address and then ship it to me.
Yeah, I really want a Nexus 4 too, but they've been out of stock for the past month or so, and don't look to be coming back in stock for a while yet. It's a damn shame, too... my upgrade is coming next month, and the $50 unlimited everything plan on Straight Talk with a Nexus 4 is the only thing that could pull me away from Sprint.
When it comes to tablets I already have a Kindle Fire. Not as good as a Nexus 7, but good enough for what I need once rooted.

What I really needed was a good phone. Normally when I needed a new phone I just ran to Wal-Mart, purchased a $30 prepaid phone, popped in my SIM card and called it a day. After awhile I realized I could get more done if I had a phone that allowed me better organization and productivity apps. After going over dozens of reviews, the almost unanimous winner was the Note 2, so I checked Best Buy and they were selling it for $250 if I was open for an upgrade, and since all I ever did was buy prepaid phones, I was definitely open for an upgrade.

The great thing is my mother sent me $200 worth of Best Buy gift cards for my birthday, so all I had to pay out of pocket was $50 plus the extra $10 a month for the data plan. Popped in a 64GB MicoSD card I had on hand, and now this thing just as a media hub is twenty times better then my old iPod Touch.
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