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It looks likes it's missing some Infinity Stones.
Someone made that observation, too :) The original pattern was much daintier, but I used a heavier yarn and marginally larger hook because I was more interested in 1) being warm and 2) fitting my big man hands. Plus, I picked a rough and rustic looking yarn--and, well, my stitches are still a little rough.

Here's the pic from the original pattern at
The most satisfying thing? This yarn was in a 1 pound skein, which was just too much and too unwieldy. So I wound off a smaller cake. At some point, I said "that's enough" and cut the cake off. This is what's left of that cake. So satisfying!


big 7 oz skein for comparison. 1lbs is slightly more than double this size.

Yarn wound into cakes with a yarn winder
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Ahh, if you had only started this thread a few years ago. My MIL closed her company December 2019, which was a high-end knitwear company. Funny enough, one of the items they sold was a glove similar to the one your making. Anyway, they had to get rid of SO. MUCH. YARN. So may colors, so many types. I could have shipped you skeins that you could have opened your own Etsy shop.
This one was a real challenge. It's not perfect, but considering that I used two different types of yarn from two different brands (red is acrylic, white is cotton) that were slightly different weights, I think it didn't turn out half bad. Part of the challenge was translating the pattern from Danish to English and hoping I didn't screw anything up.

New technique in this one: Blocking. This is where you pin pieces to a foam board and use water or steam to set the shape. Both the red and white bits wanted to curl something fierce, and there was no way I was going to be able to braid/assemble them without blocking. Luckily, I already had a clothes steamer from when I moved to TX and put all my stuff in luggage.

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Started Ralph the Reindeer on New Years' Eve but since Christmas was already over, I didn't feel any great rush to finish him up.

Since I'm between projects, I figured I'd finish up the snout and antlers and get 'er done.
So, I figure, how can I learn to crochet if I don't learn granny squares? They're like, the bedrock of the craft. But before I get into that, I had a pattern for a "granny heart", which is made very similar to a granny square, but ends up as a heart shape. Plus, it had a new stitch for me to work on.

New technique for this: The treble crochet.
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