[Gaming] Baldur's Gate 3


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You know, I wish there were more variety in the PC voice choices. There's 4 varieties of British dandy for men and the same for women. No matter which voice you pick, your hulking half-orc or dragonborn barbarian will sound like they're late for tea.
"Attack! I saAaAaAaAay, uh-TACK!" - Baldur's Gate 1
Rolling with Advantage I needed a 2 to succeed; rolled 1 & 1
Reroll with Advantage I still need a 2 to succeed; rolled 1 & 4



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For the first time today I heard somebody in a youtube video refer to Shadowheart as "Shart" and I'm all HOW could I have NOT thought of this earlier

I am number 3.

I am currently angry that Nexus is down.

Nevermind, I am 8. I've never left Act 1.
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I just finished my second play through. Karlach died the first time but we went to the hells together this second time. I'm trying a Dark Urge play this time and I made a tiefling warlock that is Alfira's twin. Play #4 might be true a friend-of-the-githyanki story in which I (finally) let myself turn into a soulless mind flayer. It really does play a bit differently each time. I have to remind myself to NOT skip the dialogue!
Had gotten frustrated at an early part of BG3 and wandered away. Finally got annoyed at the way over half of my drive was BG3 so started it up and have been having fun with it again.