Biden 1st term

There is a wide gulf between defending and trying to see a different point of view.
Look, the Catholic Church has had a lot of chances to be on the right side of history and morality, and frankly, it has whiffed on A LOT of them.
You won't see me try to explain or defend, say, killing 700 indigenous Canadian kids, or hiding pedophilia for decades, practically institutionalizing it.
Do I think the RCC is a horrible remnant of a different Era with backwards views on most moral and social rifts? Yes I do.
Do I think that means the RCC is automatically in the wrong and utterly indefensible on everything? No, I do not. Trying to look at an issue and understanding several different points of view (excluding the "let's just kill them all" style extremes) is a valuable learning experience and might change or shift your own points of view. Or it might at least help you understand how to better away people to your position. Considering all people on the other side of some imaginary line as automatically Evil, Wrong, and indefensible just puts you in an echo chamber and won't help anyone.
Blots: right now the only difference between you and Tucker Carlson is the names and the faces.
I misunderstood this initially so here's my new response:

I think that pedophilia is ok because if I said it would bad that would make me no different than people who say that other things are bad that might not actually be bad.
Annnnnnddddd, Just stump the stupidity when the morons show up with what they've said instead of engaging . . . .

They should have been doing this shit when Obama was in office.
Biden event has hecklers. "It's fine, let them talk. No one cares."

Trump rally has protestors. "Get those sons of bitches out of here."

Trump is the First Amendment President. :rolleyes: