[Bug] CivClicker and Halspace Traders under the Games tab

I just noticed that clicking either of these games brings up a "The requested page could not be found" page. Not sure how long this has been happening. Maybe it's from the host move from a few weeks back?


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Well, it looks like the folders didn't get ported over. Damn. So it's a moot point.
??? What tabs? I'm very confused. This is what I see at the top of the page under FireFox:
So are the original games mentioned (like traders) just not around at all, or what? In addition, I can't seem to bring up more than one page for any category, as the "all" tab there definitely doesn't have all based upon clicking other categories, but hey.


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That was one of the issues with the arcade addon - it didn't paginate correctly. And since the devs stopped working on it, it's as good as it's ever going to be.

So "All" isn't really "all", merely "Top 25 games".

As to the others, I'd have to get the core programs back and install them. The Civ Clicker would be easy. The HalSpace Traders not so much. In fact, I did a lot of behind the scenes stuff with that one to randomize and make the universe bigger to prevent the congestion that you find in the original iteration.

I also tried to make a super planet guarded by a massive amount of ships and defense but apparently unless the planet is owned by a player it doesn't fight back against invaders. So what happened was a player found the planet and was like, "Score!!"
I'm honestly not too bothered by the loss of Halspace Traders and Civclicker, I pretty much just clicked on them on a whim and noticed they're gone. I won't feel too bad about not being able to play them any more.
It's not a big deal (at all) to me either, it was just because it was the original question, and so I was curious about "Well, where is it then?" is all. So not a big (or even much of a small) deal to me.