Climate Change

"Record Arctic blazes may herald new ‘fire regime’ decades sooner than anticipated"

Guys, I'm going to be honest. I get severe anxiety from news like this. Not only anxious, but utterly hopeless and powerless. I've gotten so anxious thinking about this that I've honestly contemplated suicide at times. Because I don't want to be around to watch the world go to hell. The current heat wave going on in Nova Scotia (and other parts of the world) isn't helping. We haven't had a good rain storm in weeks. There are places, like around my yoga rock, that are bone dry more than I've ever seen it before.

And I just...I don't think we can turn this around. Not with the way the world is. Not with the way our society is built. Not with the leaders that run the world.
No thanks, one day at 110F was enough. I didn't move further south for a reason. Now I'm wishing that maybe I'd moved north instead. Or found a really cheap island somewhere.
I have many things I want to contribute to this thread, but none of them are encouraging, so I will not.