[Funny] Cool Corgi - Wagmaster Martin

I wish I had photoshopping skills.

Request: a Cool Corgi winking at the camera in space ala Superman: The Movie.
I have ideas, just no photoshop right now. Will have to wait and see if I have time to work on this tonight.
I'm totally stealing my brother's Corgi, and making pictures of him just like these.

Leaping Lawyer + Corgi is an instant win though.
Oh God, I just thought:
"It would have been hilarious if you shopped it to where the spray looked like he was pissing on them instead!"
I'm so bad.
The program I was using (an online photo editor) wouldn't let me adjust the layer beyond a 90 rotation. :/ Otherwise, I had thought about him watering the hippies. Instead, he's leaping to freedom over the walls of ignorance! *grins*
Cheesy's just knocking every one of them out of the park.

(And now I'm somehow picturing a baseball player knocking that Cool Corgi out of the park.)
Cheesy just flat out wins this thread in every way, shape and form. Even though he did create it :p